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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 9.0 (x86 on AMD Opteron) reboots after i FTP through Telnet Post 302140674 by jsvarma on Monday 15th of October 2007 10:03:43 AM
Old 10-15-2007
Solaris 9.0 (x86 on AMD Opteron) reboots after i FTP through Telnet

Hi All,
I have installed Solaris 9 on on an AMD Opteron based server.

The server is rebooting after i perform the following:

- Logon to Solaris 9 AMD box through telnet or putty
- ftp to any other box suppose box A where the FTP server is running
- After logging in to the box A through FTP , just make ls or any operation like mget and mput , This is rebooting the Solaris 9 AMD box .
But if we do the same operation after logging to Solaris 9 AMD box through Xmanager , there is no problem at all .

Can somebody suggest why i get the reboot only when i telnet. Is there some way i can avoid it.

Jagdish S Varma

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