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Full Discussion: LPAR Loading Problem
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers LPAR Loading Problem Post 302140175 by KeesH on Thursday 11th of October 2007 05:42:07 AM
Old 10-11-2007
LPAR Loading Problem

I'm having a major problem trying to load a LPAR.
I've got through the HMC and shutdown and then activated the LPAR and it only gets to the Operator Panel Value of 0517. Now from some research I've found that this is to do with loading the rootvg. ( I think )

On the actual terminal all I get is the mass amount of IBM's and then it tells me the 'Welcome to AIX' Message, but goes no further.

Does anyone have any ideas or ways I could get around this to log in?

Also I've tried doing a MKSYSB install from the NIM Server but nothing happens at all.
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PLINITBUTTON(2) 						System Calls Manual						   PLINITBUTTON(2)

plinitbutton, plinitcanvas, plinitcheckbutton, plinitedit, plinitentry, plinitframe, plinitgroup, plinitidollist, plinitlabel, plinitlist, plinitmenu, plinitmessage, plinitpopup, plinitpulldown, plinitradiobutton, plinitscrollbar, plinitslider, plinittextview - panel reinitial- ization functions SYNOPSIS
#include <u.h> #include <libg.h> #include <panel.h> void plinitbutton(Panel*, int, Icon*, void (*)(Panel*, int)) void plinitcanvas(Panel*, int, void (*)(Panel*, Mouse*)) void plinitcheckbutton(Panel*, int, Icon*, void (*)(Panel*, int, int)) void plinitedit(Panel*, int, Point, Rune*, int, void (*)(Panel *)) void plinitentry(Panel*, int, int, char*, void (*)(Panel*, char*)) void plinitframe(Panel*, int) void plinitgroup(Panel*, int) void plinitlabel(Panel*, int, Icon*) void plinitlist(Panel*, int, char *(*)(int), int, void(*)(Panel*, int, int)) void plinitmenu(Panel*, int, Icon**, int, void (*)(int, int)) void plinitmessage(Panel*, int, int, char*) void plinitpopup(Panel*, int, Panel*, Panel*, Panel*) void plinitpulldown(Panel*, int, Icon*, Panel*, int) void plinitradiobutton(Panel*, int, Icon*, void (*)(Panel*, int, int)) void plinitscrollbar(Panel*, int) void plinitslider(Panel*, int, Point, void(*)(Panel*, int, int, int)) void plinittextview(Panel*, int, Point, Rtext*, void (*)(Panel*, int, Rtext*)) DESCRIPTION
Corresponding to each Panel-creation function (see plbutton(2)) is a function that reinitializes the parameters of that kind of panel. The reinitialization functions are all named by inserting the string init after the creation function's initial pl. For example, plinitbutton will reinitialize a panel created by plbutton. Their argument lists are identical to the corresponding creation function, except that the first argument is a pointer to the panel to be reinitialized, rather than its parent. SOURCE
/sys/src/libpanel SEE ALSO
plinit(2), plbutton(2), graphics(2) Tom Duff, ``A quick introduction to the panel library''. PLINITBUTTON(2)

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