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Full Discussion: SU issues
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting SU issues Post 302139819 by yoi2hot4ya on Tuesday 9th of October 2007 11:11:01 AM
Old 10-09-2007
anyone have any hints, ideas, suggestions?
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explain_getaddrinfo_or_die(3)				     Library Functions Manual				     explain_getaddrinfo_or_die(3)

explain_getaddrinfo_or_die - network address translation and report errors SYNOPSIS
#include <libexplain/getaddrinfo.h> void explain_getaddrinfo_or_die(const char *node, const char *service, const struct addrinfo *hints, struct addrinfo **res); DESCRIPTION
The explain_getaddrinfo_or_die function is used to call the getaddrinfo(3) system call. On failure, an explanation will be printed to stderr, obtained from explain_getaddrinfo(3), and then the process terminates by calling exit(EXIT_FAILURE). This function is intended to be used in a fashion similar to the following example: explain_getaddrinfo_or_die(node, service, hints, res); node The node, exactly as to be passed to the getaddrinfo(3) system call. service The service, exactly as to be passed to the getaddrinfo(3) system call. hints The hints, exactly as to be passed to the getaddrinfo(3) system call. res The res, exactly as to be passed to the getaddrinfo(3) system call. Returns: This function only returns on success. On failure, prints an explanation and exits. SEE ALSO
getaddrinfo(3) network address and service translation explain_getaddrinfo(3) explain getaddrinfo(3) errors exit(2) terminate the calling process COPYRIGHT
libexplain version 0.52 Copyright (C) 2008 Peter Miller explain_getaddrinfo_or_die(3)

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