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Full Discussion: Curious?
Operating Systems Linux Curious? Post 302139490 by porter on Sunday 7th of October 2007 03:40:13 PM
Old 10-07-2007
Can you provide some context? I can't tell what you are talking about.
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ttf2afm(1)							      pdfTeX								ttf2afm(1)

ttf2afm - utility to generate AFM files for TrueType fonts SYNOPSIS
ttf2afm is used to generate Adobe Font Metrics (AFM) files for TrueType (TTF) fonts to allow them to be used with TeX. ttf2afm takes the name of a TrueType font file as a required argument. It may also take one or more options from the list below (note that -d and -h are mutually exclusive). OPTIONS
-a print all glyphs -i read names in encoding vector in form `indexnum' -d print glyph names in the form `indexdecimal_num' -h print glyph names in the form `indexhex_num' -c name print encoding tables to file name.eMN, where M is the platform number and N is the encoding -e enc use encoding from file enc -o output output to file output instead of stdout Platform numbers can be one of 0 Apple Unicode 1 Macintosh 2 ISO 3 Microsoft Encodings can be 0 Roman (if platform is Macintosh) 0 Symbol (if platform is Microsoft) 1 Unicode (if platform is Microsoft) BUGS
None known, but submit bug reports to <> (mailing list). AUTHOR
ttf2afm is part of pdfTeX and was written by Han The Thanh <>. This manual page was written by C.M. Connelly <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It may be used by other distributions without contacting the author. Any mistakes or omissions in the manual page are my fault; inquiries about or corrections to this manual page should be directed to me (and not to the primary author). pdfTeX September 2000 ttf2afm(1)

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