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Full Discussion: Curious?
Operating Systems Linux Curious? Post 302139490 by porter on Sunday 7th of October 2007 03:40:13 PM
Old 10-07-2007
Can you provide some context? I can't tell what you are talking about.
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premake(1)							    Development 							premake(1)

       premake - a build script generator

       Copyright (C) 2002-2008 Jason Perkins and the Premake Project Lua 5.1 Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio

	--file name	  Process the specified premake script file

	--clean 	  Remove all binaries and build scripts
	--verbose	Generate verbose makefiles (where applicable)

	--cc name	  Choose a C/C++ compiler, if supported by target; one of:
	     gcc       GNU gcc compiler
	     dmc       Digital Mars C/C+ compiler (experimental)

	--dotnet name	  Choose a .NET compiler set, if supported by target; one of:
	     ms        Microsoft (csc)
	     mono      Mono (mcs)
	     mono2     Mono .NET 2.0 (gmcs)
	     pnet      Portable.NET (cscc)

	--os name	  Generate files for different operating system; one of:
	     bsd       OpenBSD, NetBSD, or FreeBSD
	     linux     Linux
	     macosx    MacOS X
	     windows   Microsoft Windows

	--target name	  Generate input files for the specified toolset; one of:
	     cb-gcc    Code::Blocks Studio with GCC
	     cb-ow     Code::Blocks Studio with Open Watcom C/C++
	     cl-gcc    CodeLite with GCC
	     gnu       GNU Makefile for POSIX, MinGW, and Cygwin
	     monodev   MonoDevelop
	     sharpdev  ICSharpCode SharpDevelop
	     vs6       Microsoft Visual Studio 6
	     vs2002    Microsoft Visual Studio 2002
	     vs2003    Microsoft Visual Studio 2003
	     vs2005    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (includes Express editions)
	     vs2008    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (experimental)

	--help		  Display this information
	--version	  Display version information

Jason Perkins and the Premake Project					3.7								premake(1)

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