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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Learning to program eBooks and CBTs Post 302138816 by JayC89 on Wednesday 3rd of October 2007 01:55:32 PM
Old 10-03-2007
Learning to program eBooks and CBTs

Hi Guys, I have recently started a new job at quite a large company. Part of my daily role is to grep for processes, kill them when they're failing and restart them etc. Also editing config files in Vi mode.

I have become quite interested in Unix and am currently studying for the Sun Certified Systems Administrator. I also want to learn how to actually program in Unix etc. I am currently focusing on the Bash Shell and Perl. Can anyone recommend any CBTs or eBooks that would be good for me?

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DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix(3pm)

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix - Convert DateTimes to/from Unix epoch seconds SYNOPSIS
use DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix; my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix->parse_datetime( 1051488000 ); # 2003-04-28T00:00:00 DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix->format_datetime($dt); # 1051488000 my $formatter = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix->new(); my $dt2 = $formatter->parse_datetime( 1051488000 ); $formatter->format_datetime($dt2); DESCRIPTION
This module can convert a DateTime object (or any object that can be converted to a DateTime object) to the number of seconds since the Unix epoch. METHODS
Most of the methods are the same as those in DateTime::Format::Epoch. The only difference is the constructor. o new() Constructor of the formatter/parser object. It has no parameters. SUPPORT
Support for this module is provided via the email list. See for more details. AUTHOR
Eugene van der Pijll <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2003 Eugene van der Pijll. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
DateTime mailing list perl v5.10.1 2007-12-03 DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix(3pm)

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