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I've not had much success with scp unless either the source or target are local.
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User perl to get memory installed in a machine

I currently have a statistics gathering script i run on my Linux servers. One of the stat i gather is total memory in the machine. The script is all perl with the exception of gathering the memory for that i use the following command: $ram = (`cat /proc/meminfo | grep "MemTotal" | awk... (1 Reply)
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shell script to copy files frm a linux machine to a windows machine using SCP

I need a shell script to copy files frm a linux machine to a windows machine using SCP. The files keeps changing day-to-day. I have to copy the latest file to the windows machine frm the linux machine. for example :In Linux, On July 20, the file name will be 20.txt and it should be copied to... (3 Replies)
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Hello, Our applications are deployed in SunOS 5.10 servers. All the team members use a same username/pwd to login to the box. Very often we face issue were we could see that weblogic server instance are KILLED and we are not able to trace who executed kill command. All team members use PUTTY to... (2 Replies)
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TALK(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   TALK(1)

talk - talk to another user SYNOPSIS
talk person [ ttyname ] DESCRIPTION
Talk is a visual communication program which copies lines from your terminal to that of another user. If you wish to talk to someone on you own machine, then person is just the person's login name. If you wish to talk to a user on another host, then person is of the form : host!user or host.user or host:user or user@host though host@user is perhaps preferred. If you want to talk to a user who is logged in more than once, the ttyname argument may be used to indicate the appropriate terminal name. When first called, it sends the message Message from TalkDaemon@his_machine... talk: connection requested by your_name@your_machine. talk: respond with: talk your_name@your_machine to the user you wish to talk to. At this point, the recipient of the message should reply by typing talk your_name@your_machine It doesn't matter from which machine the recipient replies, as long as his login-name is the same. Once communication is established, the two parties may type simultaneously, with their output appearing in separate windows. Typing control L will cause the screen to be reprinted, while your erase, kill, and word kill characters will work in talk as normal. To exit, just type your interrupt character; talk then moves the cursor to the bottom of the screen and restores the terminal. Permission to talk may be denied or granted by use of the mesg command. At the outset talking is allowed. Certain commands, in particular nroff and pr(1) disallow messages in order to prevent messy output. FILES
/etc/hosts to find the recipient's machine /var/run/utmp to find the recipient's tty SEE ALSO
mesg(1), who(1), mail(1), write(1) BUGS
The version of talk(1) released with 4.3BSD uses a protocol that is incompatible with the protocol used in the version released with 4.2BSD. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution November 27, 1996 TALK(1)

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