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convert without using strtol

Hi I need help with some function. I have to fetch data from stdin without using of scanf() (I have to use getc or getchar) and then each sign I want to convert to another sign - here I can't use function strtol Smilie . In the end i want to print this string to stdout without using of function printf (I have to use putc or putchar)

Thank all very much fot each idea
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GETC(3S)																  GETC(3S)

getc, getchar, fgetc, getw - get character or word from stream SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> int getc(stream) FILE *stream; int getchar() int fgetc(stream) FILE *stream; int getw(stream) FILE *stream; DESCRIPTION
Getc returns the next character from the named input stream. Getchar() is identical to getc(stdin). Fgetc behaves like getc, but is a genuine function, not a macro; it may be used to save object text. Getw returns the next word from the named input stream. It returns the constant EOF upon end of file or error, but since that is a good integer value, feof and ferror(3) should be used to check the success of getw. Getw assumes no special alignment in the file. SEE ALSO
fopen(3), putc(3), gets(3), scanf(3), fread(3), ungetc(3) DIAGNOSTICS
These functions return the integer constant EOF at end of file or upon read error. A stop with message, `Reading bad file', means an attempt has been made to read from a stream that has not been opened for reading by fopen. BUGS
The end-of-file return from getchar is incompatible with that in UNIX editions 1-6. Because it is implemented as a macro, getc treats a stream argument with side effects incorrectly. In particular, `getc(*f++);' doesn't work sensibly. GETC(3S)

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