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Top Forums Programming Tokenization Post 302136961 by noobie on Thursday 20th of September 2007 05:35:11 PM
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I have a program that reads the input from keyboard using readline()
. its like a simple shell that reads the input string and acts on the commands being passed.
the strtok() function looks simple but how do i implement it. Assuming the string from input i get is called "reply".

thanks in advance
KSSHELL(1)						      General Commands Manual							KSSHELL(1)

ksshell -- an interactive kickstart shell SYNOPSIS
ksflatten [-i | --input INFILE] [-o | --output OUTFILE] [-v | --version VERSION] DESCRIPTION
ksshell is an interactive kickstart shell. It optionally takes an input kickstart file as the basis, allows the user to specify additional kickstart commands, and then writes out the finished kickstart file to stdout or the given file name. This program supports all the usual readline niceties including tab completion of kickstart commands and their options, though not the values those options can take. In addition to understanding all the kickstart commands, ksshell has some builtin commands of its own to make working with kickstart files in the context of a shell easier: .clear Clear the existing kickstart data, including any from INFILE. This essentially starts you over from a blank state. .quit Quit the interactive shell, either saving to the file given by OUTFILE or printing to stdout if none was given. .show Print the current kickstart file state. EXIT STATUS
ksflatten returns 0 on success, and 1 if VERSION is incorrect. If INFILE does not exist, a warning will be printed but the user will still be dumped to the interactive shell. OPTIONS
-i, --input INFILE The name of the input kickstart file. -o, --output OUTFILE Write the flattened kickstart file to OUTFILE, or stdout if no filename is given. -v, --version VERSION Use this version of kickstart syntax when processing the file, or the latest if no version is given. SEE ALSO
ksvalidator (1), ksverdiff (1) KSSHELL(1)
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