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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting #? 0,1,2,,,,,,,125 ? Post 302136713 by pbsrinivas on Wednesday 19th of September 2007 08:10:17 AM
Old 09-19-2007
The return code depends on the command last run

See man page for Exit Status description of the comman you use

for example see the man page for xargs

Exit Status This command returns the following exit values:
0 All invocations of the Command parameter returned exit status 0.
1-125 A command line meeting the specified requirements could not be assembled, one or more of the invocations of the Command parameter returned a non-zero exit status, or some other error occurred.
126 Command was found but could not be invoked.
127 Command could not be found.
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EXIT(P) 						     POSIX Programmer's Manual							   EXIT(P)

exit - cause the shell to exit SYNOPSIS
The exit utility shall cause the shell to exit with the exit status specified by the unsigned decimal integer n. If n is specified, but its value is not between 0 and 255 inclusively, the exit status is undefined. A trap on EXIT shall be executed before the shell terminates, except when the exit utility is invoked in that trap itself, in which case the shell shall exit immediately. OPTIONS
Default. STDOUT
Not used. STDERR
The standard error shall be used only for diagnostic messages. OUTPUT FILES
The exit status shall be n, if specified. Otherwise, the value shall be the exit value of the last command executed, or zero if no command was executed. When exit is executed in a trap action, the last command is considered to be the command that executed immediately preceding the trap action. CONSEQUENCES OF ERRORS
Default. The following sections are informative. APPLICATION USAGE
Exit with a true value: exit 0 Exit with a false value: exit 1 RATIONALE
As explained in other sections, certain exit status values have been reserved for special uses and should be used by applications only for those purposes: 126 A file to be executed was found, but it was not an executable utility. 127 A utility to be executed was not found. >128 A command was interrupted by a signal. FUTURE DIRECTIONS
Special Built-In Utilities COPYRIGHT
Portions of this text are reprinted and reproduced in electronic form from IEEE Std 1003.1, 2003 Edition, Standard for Information Technol- ogy -- Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX), The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6, Copyright (C) 2001-2003 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc and The Open Group. In the event of any discrepancy between this version and the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard, the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard is the referee document. The original Standard can be obtained online at . IEEE
/The Open Group 2003 EXIT(P)

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