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Nested Echo Command Help

I am doing below :



$echo $HOST_NAME1 $count
webisstg70 1


$HOST_NAME=`echo '$HOST_NAME'${count}`

$echo $HOST_NAME

$NODE_NAME=`echo $`echo ${HOST_NAME}``

I get below error message

ksh: HOST_NAME1: not found

Could anyone please help me in identifying reason for error message. I am trying to first echo value of $HOST_NAME which itself is a variable (HOST_NAME1) so I am again echoing value of HOST_NAME1 variable to NODE_NAME variable.
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TPING(1)							   LAM COMMANDS 							  TPING(1)

tping - Send echo messages to LAM nodes. SYNOPSIS
tping [-hv] [-c count] [-d delay] [-l length] nodes OPTIONS
-h Print the command help menu. -v Turn OFF verbose mode. -c count Send count messages. -d delay Delay delay seconds between each message. -l length Each message is length bytes long. DESCRIPTION
The tping command sends messages to, and collects replies from, a list of nodes, via the LAM echo server. It is similar to the UNIX ping(8) command, and is used as a quick diagnosis of the LAM network. Unless options are specified, tping sends a 1 byte message an infinite number of times, displaying the roundtrip time of each message as it completes, with a delay of 1 second between roundtrips. After the loop is broken (with keyboard interrupt, eg: ^C), tping prints statis- tics about all roundtrip messages. EXAMPLES
tping h Echo messages to the local node. tping -v n7 -l 1000 -c 10 Echo 1000 byte messages to node 7. Stay silent while working. Stop after 10 roundtrips and report statistics. BUGS
There is no built-in timeout and tping will wait forever to receive an echo. If no echo is received, due to a dead link or node, tping hangs. Stop the process with a keyboard suspend signal (eg: ^Z) and terminate LAM with lamhalt(1) or lamwipe(1) (although the use of lamwipe(1) is deprecated). SEE ALSO
lamhalt(1), lamwipe(1) LAM 7.1.4 July, 2007 TPING(1)

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