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problems installing 5.0.7 on HP DL 380G5


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problems installing 5.0.7 on HP DL 380G5.
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problems installing 5.0.7 on HP DL 380G5

hi there,

i have a hp DL380G5 with hpsas array controller P400.
when installing, i use bootstring as following;

defbootstr link=hpsas hd=Sdsk Sdsk=hpsas(0,0,0,0) Srom=wd(0,0,0)

then BTLD disk boots ok and looks like the drivers are loaded, all devices show up in boot screen, giving me a WARNING: wd(0) now using polled interface.

in the next step we say which boot device we use, in this case the IDE CDROM and say next to go ahead, it say to me that no cd is detected.

one thing, if a dont use de bootsting, knowing that it will not detect de array controller and go ahead with the installation, at the point of the ide cdrom, it detects OK.

i think that when it detects de hpsas controller, it overlaps o something de IDE CDROM driver and does not detect it.

I CANNOT INSTALL de opensever 5.0.7. PLEASE HELP.