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Crontab cannot run by non-root user


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Crontab cannot run by non-root user.
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Crontab cannot run by non-root user

Good morning everybody. I have just receiedv a complaint from our DBA saying that if he create a scripts to run some Oracle performance scripts using crontab and the scheduling part is ok but the job is failed when I checked on /var/adm/cron/log.
I have tried his scripts using Oracle id directly run on shell and everything is ok. But when I set the cron job and the job will fail.
Question :
1) How to check what is the error message for the cron job failed? When I check the log, the only thing it showed is "failed" with no reason.
2) I have also done the checking on whether Oracle is able to run the cron job by checking on cron.allow and cron.deny. Both are ok. I also check on /etc/security/user file whether the deamon of oracle is on "true" and yes, it is. And Oracle is also having sub-group of cron group.
So, is there anything else I can check to find out why the cron job failed?

Tq in advance.