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Originally Posted by crabbie_upk
4. what is the maximum you can successfully set it to?
=> Currently I could set upto -Xms2588m -Xmx2588m
That's quite good already. If you look at


Look at the documentation for these options, it says Linux platforms are limited to around 2GB, or less. Only SPARC may go beyond the figure.

I have read that some environments such as J2EE application server can achieve some advantage with multiple concurrent VMs, but whether you can use that really depends on your environment.

"Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization" by Apress is a must-read for you, if you are managing a JavaEE environment.
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java-functions(7)						RPM Java packaging						 java-functions(7)

java-functions - Functions library for Java applications. Written for the JPackage Project <http://www.jpackage.org/>: SYNOPSIS
set_jvm() Set the java virtual machine. Use a JAVA_HOME if defined, or try to find it from java command set_classpath() Set the classpath - this functions requires a valid JAVA_HOME, JAVACMD, and JAVA_LIBDIR. JARs could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_JARS variable. set_javacmd() set the JAVACMD variable. Options should be passed via JAVACMD_OPTS variable. set_flags() set FLAGS variable. They could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_FLAGS variable. set_options() set OPTIONS variable. They could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS variable. run() run the application. It executed a following command. If VERBOSE is defined, then it prints the command to stdout. exec $JAVACMD $FLAGS -classpath $CLASSPATH $OPTIONS $MAIN_CLASS "$@" set_jvm_dirs() set JVM-related directories (JVM_LIBDIR, JAVA_VERSION, JAVAVER_LIBDIR and JAVAVER_JNIDIR variables). Requires a correct JAVA_LIBDIR, JAVA_HOME and JAVA_CMD. link_jar_repository() links a jar repository. Options could be found in build-jar-repository(1) find_jar() finds a specific extention (jar or directory). Requires a correct JAVA_LIBDIR, JAVAVER_LIBDIR and JVM_LIBDIR. Used by find-jar(1) com- mand. do_find_jar() core routine used by find_jar() check_java_env() checks java environment - the JAVA_HOME, JAVACMD, JAVA_LIBDIR, JNI_LIBDIR variables. DESCRIPTION
This is a library of generic shell functions which should be used on jpackage.org compatible distributions. FILES
/use/share/java-utils/java-functions shell script functions library for Java applications /etc/java/java.conf system-wide Java configuration file ~/.java/java.conf user's Java configuration SEE ALSO
Regular Manual Pages build-jar-repository(1) find-jar(1) java.conf(5) jpackage-utils(7) AUTHORS
Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch@sourceforge.net> Ville Skytta <scop at jpackage.org> David Walluck <david@jpackage.org> Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net> REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs using JPackage Bugzilla (http://www.jpackage.org/bugzilla/) jpackage-utils 1.7.5 February 2009 java-functions(7)

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