Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Using gzip and my speakers have gone mad! Post 302121545 by patwa on Saturday 16th of June 2007 01:20:05 AM
Ah, I get it now, missed the > sign.

BTW, I had to remove the previously corrupted archive, but:
rm -vf backup15062007.tar.gz

does not work. It says "Removed backup15062007.tar.gz" but it still shows up in the directory listing.


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GIT-TAR-TREE(1) 						    Git Manual							   GIT-TAR-TREE(1)

git-tar-tree - Create a tar archive of the files in the named tree object SYNOPSIS
git tar-tree [--remote=<repo>] <tree-ish> [ <base> ] DESCRIPTION
THIS COMMAND IS DEPRECATED. Use git archive with --format=tar option instead (and move the <base> argument to --prefix=base/). Creates a tar archive containing the tree structure for the named tree. When <base> is specified it is added as a leading path to the files in the generated tar archive. git tar-tree behaves differently when given a tree ID versus when given a commit ID or tag ID. In the first case the current time is used as modification time of each file in the archive. In the latter case the commit time as recorded in the referenced commit object is used instead. Additionally the commit ID is stored in a global extended pax header. It can be extracted using git get-tar-commit-id. OPTIONS
<tree-ish> The tree or commit to produce tar archive for. If it is the object name of a commit object. <base> Leading path to the files in the resulting tar archive. --remote=<repo> Instead of making a tar archive from local repository, retrieve a tar archive from a remote repository. CONFIGURATION
tar.umask This variable can be used to restrict the permission bits of tar archive entries. The default is 0002, which turns off the world write bit. The special value "user" indicates that the archiving user's umask will be used instead. See umask(2) for details. EXAMPLES
git tar-tree HEAD junk | (cd /var/tmp/ && tar xf -) Create a tar archive that contains the contents of the latest commit on the current branch, and extracts it in /var/tmp/junk directory. git tar-tree v1.4.0 git-1.4.0 | gzip >git-1.4.0.tar.gz Create a tarball for v1.4.0 release. git tar-tree v1.4.0^{tree} git-1.4.0 | gzip >git-1.4.0.tar.gz Create a tarball for v1.4.0 release, but without a global extended pax header. git tar-tree v1.4.0 >git-1.4.0.tar Get a tarball v1.4.0 from git tar-tree HEAD:Documentation/ git-docs > git-1.4.0-docs.tar Put everything in the current head's Documentation/ directory into git-1.4.0-docs.tar, with the prefix git-docs/. AUTHOR
Written by Rene Scharfe. DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by David Greaves, Junio C Hamano and the git-list <[1]>. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite NOTES
1. Git 1.7.1 07/05/2010 GIT-TAR-TREE(1)

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