Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Command equivalent to DOS mode for SCO 5.0.6 Post 302117122 by TinWalrus on Thursday 10th of May 2007 11:39:37 PM
if memory serves, i think you can start with looking at the inittab settings (man inittab) and there is a place you can edit the terminal settings (but i do not remember what the config file is called, but it would be in the inittab man page or maybe getty man page)
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scc(7)							 Miscellaneous Information Manual						    scc(7)

scc - Serial keyboard/mouse/communications interface SYNOPSIS
controller scc0 at tc0 slot 3 vector sccintr DESCRIPTION
Two base board Zilog scc dual UARTS provide DEC 3000 series personal systems with keyboard, mouse, and serial communications interfaces. The serial communications interfaces can operate at baud rates from B50 to B57600 (see tty(7)). The driver for the scc interface supports hardware flow control using the Request to Send (RTS) and Clear to Send (CTS) signals. When hardware flow control is enabled, the flow of input data is controlled by the RTS signal and the flow of output data is controlled by the CTS signal. If the CTS signal is off, the driver will suspend output to that line until the CTS lead is reasserted. Likewise, the driver will turn off the RTS lead to tell the device connected to the line to stop sending data as a result of congestion on the host side. When the condition clears, the driver will turn on the RTS lead to tell the device to resume sending data. In alternate console configurations (that is, no graphics head), communications port 2 (/dev/tty01) becomes the system console. The serial system console port always operates at 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity. No modem or hardware flow control is supported. RESTRICTIONS
Data communications equipment attached to the console serial port in alternate console configurations must be set to 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity. The scc driver enforces this restriction. Only communications port 1 (/dev/tty00) includes full modem control. FILES
console terminal local terminal local terminal RELATED INFORMATION
console(7), devio(7), modem(7), tty(7), MAKEDEV(8) delim off scc(7)

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