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Full Discussion: Replace Junk chars (Sed)
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Replace Junk chars (Sed) Post 302111300 by Deal_NoDeal on Tuesday 20th of March 2007 04:12:53 PM
Old 03-20-2007
Originally Posted by alfredo123
I know this has been asked previously on this forum...But I think I have a different scenario to present.

I ahve a file tht looks like this (note:there are control Z and other chars tht are not visible on line with anme bowers)

BB7118450      	6004718		BIANCALANA =HEI         
BZ5842819      	1493750		ZACHAR=/                
AB1250620      	0300080		BOWERS               
MR0408256      	0458355		DYCUS/BOWERS/PA         
AB9381233      	6811741		BOWERS *6*              
BL6039588      	0184195		LIMERES JR. |           
AD1901253      	0458720		DURAZO - CELAYA         
BE4340698      	0609541		EL-HAJJAOUI(LUN         
AH5528267      	6786292		HARSANY, JR ++          
BD0762662      	4527818		D`SOUZA                 
AC6629577      	3059914		CANOVA`                 
AC9130991      	0485282		CARROLL 16!            
AT8874679      	0490912		TAIT 20!               
AH8136459      	0136813		HUNTER 06! (16

This file has special chars and Control M/Z chars....I need to remove all these junk chars and replace with a space. I tried the following commands..

sed 's/[!@#\$%^&*()<>+|={}\/`-]//g' special.txt

The above worked except for the fact that the Control Z chars were not replaced.

I tried
tr -d '\032' < special.txt | sed 's/[!@#\$%^&*()<>+|={}\/`\"\^M\'026'-]//g' > t

but some additional chars were deleted...

Any help in getting the command right would be appreciated...
Try to use

tr -d "\015\032" < inputfile > outputfile

Then use your sed on the outputfile. Let me know if this works.
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