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socklog(8)						      System Manager's Manual							socklog(8)

socklog - small and secure syslogd replacement for use with runit SYNOPSIS
socklog [-rRU] [unix] [path] socklog [-rR] inet [ip] [port] socklog [-rR] ucspi [args] DESCRIPTION
socklog is run under runit's runsv(8), writing syslog messages it receives from unix domain socket path or an inet udp socket ip:port through a pipe provided by runsv(8) to a svlogd(8) process. socklog can be run as an ucspi application to listen to an unix domain stream socket and for more flexible distributed logging. If the environment variables $UID and/or $GID are present, socklog drops permissions to those ids after creating and binding the socket (not in ucspi mode). socklog converts syslog facility and priority information to names (facility.priority:) as found in /usr/include/syslog.h at compile time if present. On solaris socklog also accepts sun_stream as first argument. Please see the web page for details. UNIX SOCKET
socklog [ unix ] [ path ] Starting socklog with the 1st argument unix, socklog will listen to the unix domain socket path. If path is omitted, the default /dev/log is used. The 1st argument may be omitted, default is unix. INET SOCKET
socklog inet [ ip ] [ port ] Starting socklog with the 1st argument inet, socklog will listen to the inet udp socket ip:port. If ip starts with 0, socklog will bind to all local interfaces. If port is less or equal 1024, socklog must be run by root. port may be omitted, default is 514. ip may be omitted, default is 0. socklog prepends a.b.c.d: to each syslog message it receives, where a.b.c.d is the ip address of the connecting system. UCSPI MODE
socklog ucspi [ args ] Starting socklog with the 1st argument ucspi, socklog will run as an ucspi application. Normally socklog will only be started in ucspi mode by an ucspi server tool, such as tcpsvd(8), tcpserver(1) or unixserver. For each arg, socklog will prepend $arg: to each syslog message, if the environment variable $arg is present (maximum is 8). OPTIONS
-r raw. Write the raw syslog messages (no conversion of facility and priority) to the pipe, additionally to the log messages with sys- log facility and priority converted to names. -R raw only. Same as -r above, but write the raw syslog messages only. -U respect umask. Don't set umask to 0 before creating a unix domain socket, but respect the current setting of umask(2). This option only takes effect in unix mode. SEE ALSO
sv(8), runsvdir(8), runsv(8), svlogd(8), tryto(1), uncat(1), socklog-check(8), tcpsvd(8), nc(1) AUTHOR
Gerrit Pape <> socklog(8)

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