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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How do I rewrite to use a while instead of find? Post 302106090 by sb008 on Tuesday 6th of February 2007 01:20:30 PM
ls /home/Upload/* > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
echo "There are no files present."
for FILE in `find /home/Upload/*`
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dpkg-genchanges(1)						    dpkg suite							dpkg-genchanges(1)

dpkg-genchanges - generate Debian .changes files SYNOPSIS
dpkg-genchanges [option...] DESCRIPTION
dpkg-genchanges reads information from an unpacked and built Debian source tree and from the files it has generated and generates a Debian upload control file (.changes file). OPTIONS
--build=type Specifies the build type from a comma-separated list of components (since dpkg 1.18.5). The allowed values are: source Upload the source package. any Upload the architecture specific binary packages. all Upload the architecture independent binary packages. binary Upload the architecture specific and independent binary packages. This is an alias for any,all. full Upload everything. This is alias for source,any,all, and the same as the default case when no build option is specified. -g Equivalent to --build=source,all (since dpkg 1.17.11). -G Equivalent to --build=source,any (since dpkg 1.17.11). -b Equivalent to --build=binary or --build=any,all. -B Equivalent to --build=any. -A Equivalent to --build=all. -S Equivalent to --build=source. The -sx options control whether the original source archive is included in the upload if any source is being generated (i.e. -b or -B haven't been used). -si By default, or if specified, the original source will be included only if the upstream version number (the version without epoch and without Debian revision) differs from the upstream version number of the previous changelog entry. -sa Forces the inclusion of the original source. -sd Forces the exclusion of the original source and includes only the diff. -vversion Causes changelog information from all versions strictly later than version to be used. -Cchanges-description Read the description of the changes from the file changes-description rather than using the information from the source tree's changelog file. -mmaintainer-address Use maintainer-address as the name and email address of the maintainer for this package, rather than using the information from the source tree's control file. -emaintainer-address Use maintainer-address as the name and email address of the maintainer for this upload, rather than using the information from the source tree's changelog. -Vname=value Set an output substitution variable. See deb-substvars(5) for a discussion of output substitution. -Tsubstvars-file Read substitution variables in substvars-file; the default is debian/substvars. No variable substitution is done on any of the fields that are output, except for the contents extracted from each binary package Description field (since dpkg 1.19.0), however the special variable Format will override the field of the same name. This option can be used multiple times to read substitution variables from multiple files (since dpkg 1.15.6). -Dfield=value Override or add an output control file field. -Ufield Remove an output control file field. -ccontrolfile Specifies the main source control file to read information from. The default is debian/control. -lchangelog-file Specifies the changelog file to read information from. The default is debian/changelog. -ffiles-list-file Read the list of files to be uploaded here, rather than using debian/files. -Fchangelog-format Specifies the format of the changelog. See dpkg-parsechangelog(1) for information about alternative formats. -uupload-files-dir Look for the files to be uploaded in upload-files-dir rather than .. (dpkg-genchanges needs to find these files so that it can include their sizes and checksums in the .changes file). -q Usually dpkg-genchanges will produce informative messages on standard error, for example about how many of the package's source files are being uploaded. -q suppresses these messages. -O[filename] Print the changes file to standard output (the default) or to filename if specified (since dpkg 1.18.5). -?, --help Show the usage message and exit. --version Show the version and exit. FILES
debian/files The list of generated files which are part of the upload being prepared. dpkg-genchanges reads the data here when producing a .changes file. SEE ALSO
deb-substvars(5), deb-src-control(5), deb-src-files(5), deb-changelog(5), deb-changes(5). 2018-04-16 dpkg-genchanges(1)

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