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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Processes Post 302104434 by anbu23 on Thursday 25th of January 2007 06:36:07 AM
Old 01-25-2007
Originally Posted by Krrishv
Anbu, it's showing me all the values not above 200000

crypto $ awk ' { tm=$4; sub("s","",tm); if( tm > 200000 ) print } ' procs.txt
1 ready idle 417s 0 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript1562.syslog
2 ready idle 247s 83997 13 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript1542.syslog
3 ready idle 2398s 106641 5 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript24717.syslog
4 ready idle 5118s 82692 15 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript16618.syslog
17 ready idle 81948s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript27577.syslog
18 ready idle 86150s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript15930.syslog
19 ready idle 99052s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript8456.syslog
23 ready idle 241869s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript7477.syslog
24 ready idle 400285s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript5391.syslog
25 ready idle 491500s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript26470.syslog
26 ready idle 496002s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript12089.syslog
27 ready idle 573108s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript18055.syslog
28 ready idle 598407s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript26278.syslog
29 ready idle 597933s 3 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript9307.syslog
30 ready idle 685638s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript28481.syslog
31 ready idle 691340s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript8238.syslog
32 ready idle 584211s 3 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript8233.syslog
33 ready idle 728545s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript22388.syslog
34 ready idle 755560s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript22292.syslog
35 ready idle 756461s 1 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript19214.syslog
Its working for me.
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OPENPAM_LOG(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					    OPENPAM_LOG(3)

openpam_log -- log a message through syslog LIBRARY
Pluggable Authentication Module Library (libpam, -lpam) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <security/pam_appl.h> #include <security/openpam.h> void openpam_log(int level, const char *fmt, ...); DESCRIPTION
The openpam_log function logs messages using syslog(3). It is primarily intended for internal use by the library and modules. The level argument indicates the importance of the message. The following levels are defined: PAM_LOG_DEBUG Debugging messages. These messages are logged with a syslog(3) priority of LOG_DEBUG. PAM_LOG_VERBOSE Information about the progress of the authentication process, or other non-essential messages. These messages are logged with a syslog(3) priority of LOG_INFO. PAM_LOG_NOTICE Messages relating to non-fatal errors. These messages are logged with a syslog(3) priority of LOG_NOTICE. PAM_LOG_ERROR Messages relating to serious errors. These messages are logged with a syslog(3) priority of LOG_ERR. The remaining arguments are a printf(3) format string and the corresponding arguments. SEE ALSO
pam(3), printf(3), syslog(3) STANDARDS
The openpam_log function is an OpenPAM extension. AUTHORS
The openpam_log function and this manual page were developed for the FreeBSD Project by ThinkSec AS and Network Associates Laboratories, the Security Research Division of Network Associates, Inc. under DARPA/SPAWAR contract N66001-01-C-8035 (``CBOSS''), as part of the DARPA CHATS research program. BSD
December 21, 2007 BSD

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