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Which unix version...

I pulled out my old 386 from the garage and dusted it off, and now i want to install unix on it. The 386 however only has a 104mb HD, and has NO cd rom support. Which if any version of unix would best suite this box? Is installing with floppies my only option? (8 Replies)
Discussion started by: nefarious
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2. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Unix Version of old?!

Hullo Unix fans. Hoping one of you might be able to give me an indication here... 7 years ago, I was responsible for managing a windows 95 network with a unix server. Problem is I'll be buggered if I can recall what version of unix it was. Can anyone tell me what the standard version of the time... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: k-lye
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3. Linux Benchmarks

Original BYTE UNIX Benchmarks (Version 3.11)

Just dusted off an old version of the Byte UNIX Benchmarks from our old benchmark days at and ran them against ============================================================== BYTE UNIX Benchmarks (Version 3.11) System -- Linux www 2.4.20 #2 Mon... (0 Replies)
Discussion started by: Neo
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Which version of UNIX I'm using?

Hello- I know it's UNIX-HP, but I don't know what version. Is there a command that tells me what version I'm running or a file that I need to open to get this information? Thanks, Nomaad (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: Nomaad
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5. Solaris

Migrate unix version 8 to version 9

i have a program writing in PRO C which currently running in unix version 8 tie with oracle 8i, but in the future company gonna migrate this OS to version 9. Anything i have to prepare for my PRO C program to run in unix version 9? or anything would that impact my program couldn't run well? what... (2 Replies)
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6. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

tar: how to preserve atime? (also on extracted version, not just original)

How do I make tar set the correct atime on the extracted version? The option --atime-preserve works just on the original, not on the extracted file. The extracted files always have current time as atime, which is bad. (10 Replies)
Discussion started by: frankie06
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7. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Unix logo(Original).

Hi, What is the Unix's logo(Original)? Thanks, regards. (0 Replies)
Discussion started by: Y.P.Y
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Need to print duplicate row along with highest version of original

There are some duplicate field on description column .I want to print duplicate row along with highest version of number and corresponding description column. file1.txt number Description === ============ 34567 nl21a00is-centerdb001:ncdbareq:Error in loading init 34577 ... (7 Replies)
Discussion started by: vijay_rajni
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QDomCDATASection(3qt)													     QDomCDATASection(3qt)

QDomCDATASection - Represents an XML CDATA section SYNOPSIS
#include <qdom.h> Inherits QDomText. Public Members QDomCDATASection () QDomCDATASection ( const QDomCDATASection & x ) QDomCDATASection & operator= ( const QDomCDATASection & x ) ~QDomCDATASection () virtual QDomNode::NodeType nodeType () const virtual bool isCDATASection () const DESCRIPTION
The QDomCDATASection class represents an XML CDATA section. CDATA sections are used to escape blocks of text containing characters that would otherwise be regarded as markup. The only delimiter that is recognized in a CDATA section is the "]]>" string that terminates the CDATA section. CDATA sections cannot be nested. Their primary purpose is for including material such as XML fragments, without needing to escape all the delimiters. Adjacent QDomCDATASection nodes are not merged by the QDomNode::normalize() function. For further information about the Document Object Model see and Level-2-Core/. For a more general introduction of the DOM implementation see the QDomDocument documentation. See also XML. MEMBER FUNCTION DOCUMENTATION
QDomCDATASection::QDomCDATASection () Constructs an empty CDATA section. To create a CDATA section with content, use the QDomDocument::createCDATASection() function. QDomCDATASection::QDomCDATASection ( const QDomCDATASection & x ) Constructs a copy of x. The data of the copy is shared (shallow copy): modifying one node will also change the other. If you want to make a deep copy, use cloneNode(). QDomCDATASection::~QDomCDATASection () Destroys the object and frees its resources. bool QDomCDATASection::isCDATASection () const [virtual] Returns TRUE. Reimplemented from QDomNode. QDomNode::NodeType QDomCDATASection::nodeType () const [virtual] Returns CDATASection. Reimplemented from QDomText. QDomCDATASection &; QDomCDATASection::operator= ( const QDomCDATASection & x ) Assigns x to this CDATA section. The data of the copy is shared (shallow copy): modifying one node will also change the other. If you want to make a deep copy, use cloneNode(). SEE ALSO COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1992-2001 Trolltech AS, See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement. AUTHOR
Generated automatically from the source code. BUGS
If you find a bug in Qt, please report it as described in Good bug reports help us to help you. Thank you. The definitive Qt documentation is provided in HTML format; it is located at $QTDIR/doc/html and can be read using Qt Assistant or with a web browser. This man page is provided as a convenience for those users who prefer man pages, although this format is not officially supported by Trolltech. If you find errors in this manual page, please report them to Please include the name of the manual page (qdomcdatasection.3qt) and the Qt version (3.1.1). Trolltech AS 9 December 2002 QDomCDATASection(3qt)

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