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grep command

I have 300 files in the directory. I need to find out below syntax in which files it is available

if [ 1 -eq 2 ]; then # scissors

ps -ef |grep "scissors" *.* (this syntax is not working)
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Hello All I am new to here and shell scripting ... and I need some help please In /etc/group, how can I just grep the group that I want instead of the whole list? I just want "testabc", what do I have to do to get the "testabc" group information instead of all 4! Thanks a lot for helping ... (6 Replies)
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how to exclude the GREP command from GREP

I am doing "ps -f" to see my process. but I get lines that one of it represents the ps command itself. I want to grep it out using -v flag, but than I get another process that belongs to the GREP itself : I would like to exclude # ps -f UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD... (2 Replies)
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regarding grep command

hi i am sankar pls help me how to find out the how many times the given word is existed in a givein file using grep command (1 Reply)
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grep command

Hi... I have this script below : $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus "/as sysdba" @/ek_ora/script/rman_error.sh > rman_error.txt more rman_error.txt | grep -i "FAILED" >> /ek_ora/script/rman_error.tmp if then echo "No error found." else echo "Sending mail." mailx -r oraadm@jupp.gov.my -c... (7 Replies)
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can anyone help with shell script command about searching word with grep command?

i want to search in the current directory all the files that contain one word for example "hello" i want to achieve it with the grep command but not with the grep * (2 Replies)
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Grep command

Hi, Could someone tell me in this line: /dev/hda2 12001268 1538572 9843232 14% / How could i grep so it only shows when the number is from 90% to 100%? i've tried df -k | grep '/dev/hda2' | cut -c 53-55 | grep '^9' | grep '^100' but it dosent work. Thanks in... (7 Replies)
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Hi, im taking an entry Unix class, and as part of my lab assignment I have to copy all files in the /home/david/lab3 directory that have the file extension .save to your lab3/temp directory. I'm having trouble getting the grep to do anything worth while I've been trying to do: cp... (6 Replies)
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grep command

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here???? Trying to execute a grep command within a unix script and keep getting an error. Here is an example of the process I'm trying to execute a="\"JERRY SMITH\""; b="/u/tmp/filea"; x=`grep -c $a $b`; echo $x; Execute script and this is what I get...... (3 Replies)
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grep command

I have a text file that I try to grep for a string. It has both 2005 and 20055 string. How do I grep for 2005 only? I try this grep "2005]" myfile This works fine on Linux but this same command doesn't work on Unix. Please help! Please use code tags! (11 Replies)
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Grep command giving different result for different users for same command

Hello, I am running below command as root user #nodetool cfstats tests | grep "Memtable switch count" Memtable switch count: 12 Where as when I try to run same command as another user it gives different result. #su -l zabbix -s /bin/bash -c "nodetool cfstats tests | grep "Memtable switch... (10 Replies)
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GIT-MAILINFO(1) 						    Git Manual							   GIT-MAILINFO(1)

git-mailinfo - Extracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail message SYNOPSIS
git mailinfo [-k|-b] [-u | --encoding=<encoding> | -n] [--scissors] <msg> <patch> DESCRIPTION
Reads a single e-mail message from the standard input, and writes the commit log message in <msg> file, and the patches in <patch> file. The author name, e-mail and e-mail subject are written out to the standard output to be used by git am to create a commit. It is usually not necessary to use this command directly. See git-am(1) instead. OPTIONS
-k Usually the program removes email cruft from the Subject: header line to extract the title line for the commit log message. This option prevents this munging, and is most useful when used to read back git format-patch -k output. Specifically, the following are removed until none of them remain: o Leading and trailing whitespace. o Leading Re:, re:, and :. o Leading bracketed strings (between [ and ], usually [PATCH]). Finally, runs of whitespace are normalized to a single ASCII space character. -b When -k is not in effect, all leading strings bracketed with [ and ] pairs are stripped. This option limits the stripping to only the pairs whose bracketed string contains the word "PATCH". -u The commit log message, author name and author email are taken from the e-mail, and after minimally decoding MIME transfer encoding, re-coded in the charset specified by i18n.commitencoding (defaulting to UTF-8) by transliterating them. This used to be optional but now it is the default. Note that the patch is always used as-is without charset conversion, even with this flag. --encoding=<encoding> Similar to -u. But when re-coding, the charset specified here is used instead of the one specified by i18n.commitencoding or UTF-8. -n Disable all charset re-coding of the metadata. --scissors Remove everything in body before a scissors line. A line that mainly consists of scissors (either ">8" or "8<") and perforation (dash "-") marks is called a scissors line, and is used to request the reader to cut the message at that line. If such a line appears in the body of the message before the patch, everything before it (including the scissors line itself) is ignored when this option is used. This is useful if you want to begin your message in a discussion thread with comments and suggestions on the message you are responding to, and to conclude it with a patch submission, separating the discussion and the beginning of the proposed commit log message with a scissors line. This can enabled by default with the configuration option mailinfo.scissors. --no-scissors Ignore scissors lines. Useful for overriding mailinfo.scissors settings. <msg> The commit log message extracted from e-mail, usually except the title line which comes from e-mail Subject. <patch> The patch extracted from e-mail. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 11/24/2012 GIT-MAILINFO(1)

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