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Full Discussion: insert text into top of file
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting insert text into top of file Post 302090176 by jimbob on Friday 22nd of September 2006 05:41:37 PM
Computer insert text into top of file

how would you insert text into a existing file using aguments
first arguments being the line of text and the second argument being file name
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Shell scripting adding text to top of file

Hi this is quite simple i am sure but without using awk or sed i need to add text to the top of a file this is what i have got so far #!bin/bash echo "Add text to top of file" read line echo $line >> file1 This adds the text to the bottom of the file can some1 please help cheers (7 Replies)
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when directing some text into a file can you choose where it goes like the top of the file (which is text aswell) or the middle?? if so how - especially would like to know how to do so in vi (text editor) If i were to enter an argument ($1) into a another argument ($2) would it would be... (6 Replies)
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How to insert some constant text at beginig of each line within a text file.

Dear Folks :), I am new to UNIX scripting and I do not know how can I insert some text in the first column of a UNIX text file at command promtp. I can do this in vi editor by using this command :g/^/s//BBB_ e,g I have a file named as Test.dat and it containins below text: michal... (4 Replies)
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best way to insert a line at the top of a file?

say I want to insert "this is a test" as the first line into file A, besides echo "this is a test" > /tmp/tmpfile cat /tmp/tmpfile fileA >> /tmp/result, is there any simple way I can do it? thanks (7 Replies)
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Insert date/time header at top of file

I'm trying to take mrt output and put it at the top of a file along with the date and time. I was able to do it at the bottom of the file with the following printf "********** $(date) **********\n\n" >> $OUTPUT_PATH/$HOSTNAME mtr -r -w -c 10 $HOSTADDRESS >> $OUTPUT_PATH/$HOSTNAME printf... (2 Replies)
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DXmCSTextReplace(3X)													      DXmCSTextReplace(3X)

DXmCSTextReplace - Replaces a specified segment of text in a compound string text widget. SYNOPSIS
DXmCSTextStatus DXmCSTextReplace( Widget widget, int from_pos, int to_pos, XmString value ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the compound string text widget. An integer that represents the first character position of the text being replaced. An integer that represents the last character position of the text being replaced. Replacement text for part of the current text in the compound string text widget, or additional text to be inserted into the compound string text widget. DESCRIPTION
The DXmCSTextReplace routine replaces part of the text in the compound string text widget. Within the widget, positions are numbered starting at 0 and increasing sequentially. For example, to replace the second and third characters in the text, from_pos should be 1 and to_pos should be 3. To insert text after the fourth character, from_pos and to_pos should both be 4. RETURN VALUES
A value that represents the status (success or failure) of the replace operation, as follows: -------------------------------------------------------- Value Description -------------------------------------------------------- DXmCSTextStatusEditDone Text replaced successfully. DXmCSTextStatusEditError Text not replaced (failure). -------------------------------------------------------- SEE ALSO
DXmCreateCSText(3X), DXmCSTextSetString(3X), DXmCSTextGetString(3X) DXmCSTextReplace(3X)

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