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Full Discussion: round a number
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting round a number Post 302088558 by achieve on Wednesday 13th of September 2006 08:26:09 AM
round a number

In a shell script - How do I round a decimal number (contained in a variable) to the nearest whole number?
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how to round a value

Hello, In a unix shell script,i want to round a variabele to a nearest number Ex: set count=104.4 How can i round that to 105.? Thanks, Sateesh (2 Replies)
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round in KSH

Is there an easy way to round a number up in Korn shell? ie. 10.4 --> 11 Thanks. (6 Replies)
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Round the column value :

Hi .... Iam having the file which 3rd column is numerical having 8 decimal part... i want that to cut to 2 decimal part ... Source File : E100|0|19940.10104030|0|1ABC E103|1|19942.10195849|3|0ABC E100|0|19943.10284858|0|1ABC I want to be ...... Reulst: ... (4 Replies)
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Hi, I have a problem. Basically I dont know how to use awk. I have a script (below) which works fine. What I want to do is somehow "pipe" in the input say 4.5 and have it give the anwer, I dont want ot have to type it in, since it will be running in a script. Any ideas how to do this???? ... (1 Reply)
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it's urgent ! round number in perl scripting

my $number = 12.345673412 I need 3 digits after decimal or after dot(.) i mean , i need only 12.345 I used int(), ceil(), floor() but it gives me only 12 I need it. (10 Replies)
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Round off the a Decimal value.

HI, I have a script which is used to calculate the Memory & CPU utilization a server. memx=`ssh -l siebel1 ${f} /usr/sbin/prtconf|grep -i 'Memory size'|tr -s " "|/usr/xpg4/bin/awk -F" " '{print $3 * 1024}'` v5=`ssh -l siebel1 ${f} vmstat 1 2 | tail -1 | tr -s " " | /usr/xpg4/bin/awk -v... (3 Replies)
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Using sed to round a number

Hey everyone, I was wondering if i am able to write a sed command to round a number to two decimal places. So for example: 1.58674 would be 1.58 I just want to chop off the numbers to the right of the second digit after the period. I know this is probably trivial but the closest i got was... (8 Replies)
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Round up the decimals

Hi All, I would like to do the following in the shell script 561.76 to 562 I tried using this echo 'scale=0; 749 * 75 /100 ' | bc but just returned only 561 Please help me . I appreciate your help Thanks rajeevm (13 Replies)
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Round off Number in File

Hi Guys, i am having a csv file where i need to round off numerical column to 2 decimal precision in specific columns. i need to ignore the first two line i.e the header columns and manipulate rest of the lines of the csv file. My columns are specific i.e i need to round off only 2nd,4th and... (13 Replies)
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nearbyintd64(3M)														  nearbyintd64(3M)

nearbyintd64(), nearbyintd128(), nearbyintd32() - decimal round to nearest integer functions SYNOPSIS
returns the integer (represented as a number) nearest x according to the current (decimal) rounding direction mode. In the default rounding direction (round to nearest with ties to even), is the integer nearest x with the additional stipulation that if |-x|=1/2, then is even. If the current rounding direction is toward negative infinity, returns the same value as If the current rounding direction is toward posi- tive infinity, returns the same value as If the current rounding direction is toward zero, returns the same value as If the current round- ing direction is to nearest with ties awary from zero, returns the same value as differs from only in that raises the inexact exception if the result differs in value from the argument, while does not. is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result. is a version of it takes a argument and returns a These math functions are supported for HP-UX 11i Version 3 September 2008 Update and forward. result. USAGE
To use any of these functions, compile with the option. Make sure your program defines and then includes Link in the math library by specifying or on the linking command line. For more information, see the at the following site: RETURN VALUE
If x is returns x. If x is NaN, returns NaN. ERRORS
No errors are defined. SEE ALSO
ceild64(3M), fabsd64(3M), fe_dec_getround(3M), fe_dec_setround(3M), floord64(3M), fmodd64(3M), rintd64(3M), roundd64(3M), truncd64(3M), math(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
These functions conform to ISO/IEC TR 24732, "Extension for the programming language C to support decimal floating-point arithmetic". HP Integrity Server Only nearbyintd64(3M)

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