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Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators Thread was closed without a valid reason Post 302086435 by patras on Thursday 24th of August 2006 12:45:37 AM
Old 08-24-2006
That thread was dancing very close to the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable. You already know this. Your first sentence was: "I hope this type of questions are not prohibited here."
So my first sentence makes my thread unacceptable? I'm sorry to say that still you don't have any valid reason to close that particular thread, my first sentence was there to ensure that I care for the rules being practiced at these forums and I would be more than happy if someone gives me a valid reason and closes that thread, I dont have any doubt about the performance or credibility of Vino, he is really doing a very good job here as well as you Perderabo, but my question is the same, is career advice or to ask about the opinion of seniors is prohibited here.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time.


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assert_wait_mesg(9r)													      assert_wait_mesg(9r)

assert_wait_mesg - General: Asserts that the current kernel thread is about to block (sleep) SYNOPSIS
void assert_wait_mesg( vm_offset_t event, boolean_t interruptible, char *message ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies the event associated with the current kernel thread. Specifies a Boolean value that indicates how the kernel thread is awakened. You can pass one of the following values: The current kernel thread is interruptible. This value means that a signal can awaken the current kernel thread. The current kernel thread is not interruptible. This value means that only the specified event can awaken the current ker- nel thread. Specifies a mnemonic for the type of wait. The ps command uses this mnemonic to print out more meaningful messages about a process. DESCRIPTION
The assert_wait_mesgroutine asserts that the current kernel thread is about to block (sleep) until the specified event occurs. This routine sets a thread wait bit in the pointer to the thread structure associated with the current kernel thread. This bit signifies that this ker- nel thread is on the appropriate wait hash queue, waiting for a wakeup call. To actually block (put to sleep) the current kernel thread, call thread_block. To issue a wakeup call on the specified event, call the thread_wakeup_prim or clear_wait routine. CAUTIONS
You must not call assert_wait_mesg from a device driver's interrupt handler. The reason for this is that at interrupt context there is no process to be put to sleep. RETURN VALUES
Data Structures: thread(9s) Routines: clear_wait(9r), current_thread(9r), thread_block(9r) Reference Pages Section 1: ps assert_wait_mesg(9r)

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