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Error SCO Openserver 6 Remote File Transfer


I have a server which has SCO Openserver 6 on it and also kermit installed, unfortunately I can't seem to get kermit to send or receive files, is there another way I can use to transfer files remotely?

I only have remote access to the server via a dial up modem

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated


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dialups(4)							   File Formats 							dialups(4)

dialups - list of terminal devices requiring a dial-up password SYNOPSIS
/etc/dialups DESCRIPTION
dialups is an ASCII file which contains a list of terminal devices that require a dial-up password. A dial-up password is an additional password required of users who access the computer through a modem or dial-up port. The correct password must be entered before the user is granted access to the computer. The set of ports that require a dial-up password are listed in the dialups file. Each entry in the dialups file is a single line of the form: terminal-device where terminal-device The full path name of the terminal device that will require a dial-up password for users accessing the computer through a modem or dial-up port. The dialups file should be owned by the root user and the root group. The file should have read and write permissions for the owner (root) only. EXAMPLES
Example 1: A sample dialups file. Here is a sample dialups file: /dev/term/a /dev/term/b /dev/term/c FILES
/etc/d_passwd dial-up password file /etc/dialups list of dial-up ports requiring dial-up passwords SEE ALSO
d_passwd(4) SunOS 5.10 4 May 1994 dialups(4)

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