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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using SED to append character to each line Post 302079303 by c0nn0r on Saturday 8th of July 2006 09:07:59 PM
Old 07-08-2006
Originally Posted by reborg
/amstracker -u 0.05 -s | sed 's/.*/&;/'

Thanx, but it still does not work for me.

I'll be more specific:

After the ./amstracker -u 0.05 -s | sed 's/.*/&;/'

I want to pipe it into netcat (nc) so I can send it over the network, or to another port on the same machine. I know it's a weird setup, but it's a hack that will save me a lot of work in the future.

When I do:

./amstracker -u 0.05 -s | sed 's/.*/&;/' | nc 5001

it connects to an instance of: nc -l -p 5001 (on

but no data goes thorough...

I'm cleary an idiot.

Any more suggestions?
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NE_IADDR_MAKE(3)						neon API reference						  NE_IADDR_MAKE(3)

ne_iaddr_make, ne_iaddr_cmp, ne_iaddr_print, ne_iaddr_typeof, ne_iaddr_free - functions to manipulate and compare network addresses SYNOPSIS
#include <ne_socket.h> typedef enum { ne_iaddr_ipv4 = 0, ne_iaddr_ipv6 } ne_iaddr_type; ne_inet_addr *ne_iaddr_make(ne_iaddr_type type, const unsigned char *raw); int ne_iaddr_cmp(const ne_inet_addr *ia1, const ne_inet_addr *ia2); char *ne_iaddr_print(const ne_inet_addr *ia, char *buffer, size_t bufsiz); ne_iaddr_type ne_iaddr_typeof(const ne_inet_addr *ia); void ne_iaddr_free(const ne_inet_addr *ia); DESCRIPTION
ne_iaddr_make creates an ne_inet_addr object from a raw binary network address; for instance the four bytes 0x7f 0x00 0x00 0x01 represent the IPv4 address The object returned is suitable for passing to ne_sock_connect. A binary IPv4 address contains four bytes; a binary IPv6 address contains sixteen bytes; addresses passed must be in network byte order. ne_iaddr_cmp can be used to compare two network addresses; returning zero only if they are identical. The addresses need not be of the same address type; if the addresses are not of the same type, the return value is guaranteed to be non-zero. ne_iaddr_print can be used to print the human-readable string representation of a network address into a buffer, for instance the string "". ne_iaddr_typeof returns the type of the given network address. ne_iaddr_free releases the memory associated with a network address object. RETURN VALUE
ne_iaddr_make returns NULL if the address type passed is not supported (for instance on a platform which does not support IPv6). ne_iaddr_print returns the buffer pointer, and never NULL. EXAMPLES
The following example connects a socket to port 80 at the address unsigned char addr[] = "x7fx00x00x01"; ne_inet_addr *ia; ia = ne_iaddr_make(ne_iaddr_ipv4, addr); if (ia != NULL) { ne_socket *sock = ne_sock_connect(ia, 80); ne_iaddr_free(ia); /* ... */ } else { /* ... */ } SEE ALSO
ne_addr_resolve AUTHOR
Joe Orton <> Author. COPYRIGHT
neon 0.28.4 25 February 2009 NE_IADDR_MAKE(3)

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