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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using SED to append character to each line Post 302079299 by c0nn0r on Saturday 8th of July 2006 07:01:17 PM
Old 07-08-2006
I found the answer on this forum... sorry for the repeat.

Here is the link to the post that helps:
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #874
Difficulty: Medium
A programming language is homoiconic if a program written in it can be manipulated as data using the language, and thus the program's internal representation can be inferred just by reading the program itself.
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I have 2 files that I am working with $ cat file1 server1 server3 server5 server6 server8 $ cat file2 server1;Solaris; server2; SLES; server3;Linux; server4; Solaris; server5;SLES; server6;SLES; server7;Solaris; server8;Linux; (1 Reply)
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Hi, I posted in another section, but no reply yet. I have an ini file with sections denoted as follows (for example) blah=blah blee=blee bloo=bloo blur=blur blaa=blaa I have ksh script that needs to append a line ${line} to the end of section ${section} I saw this... (7 Replies)
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debpear(1)						      General Commands Manual							debpear(1)

debpear - automatically builds and installs PEAR packages as Debian packages SYNOPSIS
debpear [options] <pear-package-name> DESCRIPTION
debpear is a tool to automatically create and build a Debian package out of a PHP PEAR package. It will download the PEAR package from, then by looking into it, create the corresponding Debian package, and eventually also installs it. PARAMETERS
<pear-package-name> Defines the PEAR package name you want to install, as seen on the site. Make sure respect the case in the name of the package (for example: Package_NAME). OPTIONS
--build-dir|-b Specify the directory where the Debian package will be built. --verbose|-v Makes debpear more verbose. --channel|-c channel Specify the URL channel of the PEAR package. Currently not implemented: please contribute! --tarball|-t tarball --pkg-version|-pv pkg-version [ --wget|-w URL ] Do not use "pear download" to optain the PEAR package from upstream authors. Instead, use tarball and use pkg-version when building the package. Eventually also download the tarball from URL using wget before building. --install|-i Install the resulting debian package in your system. Note that you must be root to use this option. If you aren't root, then debpear will try to get root using sudo. EXAMPLE
debpear -i Auth_RADIUS This will create a php-auth-radius package in ./build-area, and automatically install it. Because it's written in the package.xml shipped with Auth_RADIUS at, php-auth-radius will depend on php5-radius. debpear -t current.tgz -pv 1.3.1 -w CAS Downloads cas-clients from, as current.tgz in the current directory, then builds it as if it was downloaded as CAS-1.3.1.tgz by "pear download". IMPORTANT
Note that the debian/copyright file generated by debpear isn't good enough for redistribution of the created packages. You should carefuly review the PEAR package license before doing so. Also, debpear has been created for convenience, but it will never replace the manual work of an experienced Debian maintainer for creating PEAR packages. It can, however, be used to create a template pack- age quickly, before a careful review, in order to save time building a Debian PEAR package. AUTHORS
debpear has been written by Thomas Goirand <>, and is maintained inside the PKG PHP PEAR Debian team, that can be reached at: <>. debpear(1)

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