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Building a better mouse trap, or How many lines of code does it take to trap a mouse?

Hello all,

I'm hoping to get a little insight from some of the wily veterans amongst you.

I've written a script to check for new outgoing files to our vendors located on our ssl server. It seems to be working ok, but the final question here, will be one of logic, and/or a better way to do it.

First a little background; The program is run every 5 minutes from cron. The files are uploaded via NFS or CIFS. So file dates can't be fully trusted. So, I use find -cmin for the dates. Files remain on the server for 10 days.

1) Check for PID file. If PID file exist, exit. (program still running) If not generate PID file.

2) Check filesystem size for changes since the last run. If no changes, clean up PID file and exit. (No new files) If changed sleep 1 minute. (File(s) may still be transferring) Loop until changes stop. Add total sleep time to find time. Continue to step 3 (Transfer done)

3) Using the find command. Build a file containing the list of new files in ftp directory newer than specified cmin time.

4) Filter through the file built in step 3. Generate email for each vendor with file names and send to contact for vendor.

5) Clean up PID file. Copy stat files to backups for comparison on the next program run. exit.

Like I said, this is working, but a few files slip through the cracks.

What I would like to know is: If you have any thoghts on better ways to do this.

One Idea I've been looking into is:
Generate a full file list every 5 minutes and use diff to generate the outgoing file list?

Also, This started out as a small server. So, checking for filesystem changes was no problem. Now I have roughly 180 vendors accessing the site. With all the changes to the filesystem size the program will somtimes run for 15 - 20 minutes. Regardless of how the list is built. I would think that once it is generated I could just check file sizes on those files for changes. Once they finish transferring, generate the mail, and wait for the next go-round to pick up additional files.

So what's the general consensus? Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions?

Thanks in Advance,

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LinuxTaRT - generates email signatures SYNTAX
tart [options] DESCRIPTION
TaRT generates email signatures based on a variety of rules and settings. It can make use of a template to allow the user to produce 100% customized signatures. OPTIONS
-a, --add Prompt for a new tagline and enter it into the tagline database. (requires write permission on database file). -d, --display Display current signature and exit. -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -k, --kill Terminate TaRT in daemon mode. -p, --proc Display current status and PID (if applicable). -l, --license Display software license. -s, --setup Run built-in configuration tool. --daemon <seconds> Start in daemon momde and wait <seconds> seconds between updates. --template <filename> Run TaRT with the custom file specified here. --config <filename> Run TaRT with the config file specified here. The following options may be set in the configuration file. The command line parameters will override other settings. +/-c Enable/disable signature centering. (disabled) +/-cust Build signature based on template. (enabled) +/-n Enable/disable date in signature. (enabled) +/-q Enable/disable quiet mode. (disabled) +/-sd Enable/disable special dates. (enabled) +/-v Enable/disable TaRT version information in signature. (enabled) FILES
~/.tartrc Configuration file, the location and name of the following files can be set here. /etc/tart.tags Tagline database. Contains taglines, one per line. ~/.signature File where signature is written. ~/.tart-tustom Signature template. ~/.tartdates List of special dates. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
HOME Specifies the users home directory EXAMPLES
To run TaRT using default or stored settings: tart To run TaRT quietly: tart +q To run TaRT as a daemon and generate a new signature every 5 minutes: tart --daemon 300 VERSION
This man page was written for LinuxTaRT version 3.08 AUTHORS
Mark Veinot <> SEE ALSO
tartrc(5) tartdates(5) tart-custom(5) Mark Veinot 1.0.2 LinuxTaRT(1)

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