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Full Discussion: Problem with Maths
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Problem with Maths Post 302070210 by Quesa on Monday 3rd of April 2006 06:30:31 AM
Old 04-03-2006
Problem with Maths

Heres a script i wrote as a bit of practise. What it does is insert a line in the middle of a file. The line being $1 and the file being $2


rm tempfile
touch tempfile

linenum= `wc -l < $2`
if [ "$linenum" -eq 0 ]
echo $1 >> $2

even=`expr "$linenum" % 2`
if [ "$even" -eq 0 ]
midline=`expr "$linenum" / 2`
midline=`expr "$linenum" / 2`
midline=`expr "$midline" + 0.5`

while [ "$linenum" -gt 0 ]
sed -n '$count p' $2 >> tempfile

if [ "$linenum" -eq "$midline" ]
echo $1 >> tempfile

count=`expr "$count" + 1`
linenum=`expr "$linenum" - 1`
cat tempfile > $2

However when I run this I get the following errors:

testscript: 0: command not found
testscript: [: : integer expression expected
expr: non-numeric argument
testscript: [: : integer expression expected
expr: non-numeric argument
expr: non-numeric argument
testscript: [: : integer expression expected

This would suggest that the expr argument does not have numbers in it. I know I have the variables in double quotes but this should not matter should it. Can anyone help me with any of these errors.
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