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Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions loading problem in XP help!!!!!!!!!!! Post 29651 by amicrawler2000 on Thursday 10th of October 2002 12:31:20 AM
Old 10-10-2002
Network loading problem in XP help!!!!!!!!!!!

have a azuse mother borad 1600Mhz ram 512 hd 40gb

will not install windows want to finish but will not take it! Is this
a hard ware problem or a virus i use av norton 2002 and nod32
think got a virus not shure xp will not load any more
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Scan(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Scan(3pm)

File::Scan - Perl extension for Scanning files for Viruses SYNOPSIS
use File::Scan; $fs = File::Scan->new([, OPTION ...]); $fs->set_callback( sub { my $filename = shift; my $bytes = shift; ... return("Callback Value"); } ); $fs->scan([FILE]); if(my $e = $fs->error) { print "$e "; } if(my $c = $fs->skipped) { print "file skipped ($c) "; } if($fs->suspicious) { print "suspicious file "; } if(my $res = $fs->callback) { print "$res "; } DESCRIPTION
This module is designed to allows users to scan files for known viruses. The purpose is to provide a perl module to make plataform independent virus scanners. METHODS
new([, OPTION ...]) This method create a new File::Scan object. The following keys are available: callback => 'subroutine reference' if the item is set then use a callback subroutine reference to provide extra information and functionalities. The callback subroutine have two arguments: filename and first 1024 bytes read from the file. This only work for binary files. extension => 'string' add the specified extension to the infected file move => 'directory' move the infected file to the specified directory copy => 'directory' copy the infected file to the specified directory mkdir => octal_number if the value is set to octal number then make the specified directories (example: mkdir => 0755). delete => 0 or 1 if the value is set to 1 delete the infected file max_txt_size => 'size in kbytes' scan only the text file if the file size is less then max_txt_size. The default value is 5120 kbytes. Set to 0 for no limit. max_bin_size => 'size in kbytes' scan only the binary file if the file size is less then max_bin_size. The default value is 10240 kbytes. Set to 0 for no limit. scan([FILE]) This method scan a file for viruses and return the name of virus if a virus is found. set_callback([SUBREF]) This method is another way to install a callback subroutine reference. Take a look in callback kay. skipped() This method return a code number if the file was skipped and 0 if not. The following skipped codes are available: 0 file not skipped 1 file is not vulnerable 2 file has zero size 3 the size of file is small 4 the text file size is greater that the 'max_txt_size' argument 5 the binary file size is greater that the 'max_bin_size' argument suspicious() This method return 1 if the file is suspicious and 0 if not. callback() This method return the result from the callback subroutine. error() This method return a error message if a error happens. AUTHOR
Henrique Dias <> CREDITS
Thanks to Rui de Castro, Sergio Castro, Ricardo Oliveira, Antonio Campelo, Branca Silveira, Helena Gomes and Anita Afonso for the help. Thanks to Fernando Martins for the personal collection of viruses. SEE ALSO
perl(1). perl v5.10.0 2009-07-19 Scan(3pm)

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