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Full Discussion: Network Burning?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Network Burning? Post 29282 by LivinFree on Wednesday 2nd of October 2002 08:46:09 PM
Old 10-02-2002
That will consume a lot of bandwidth, and if there is a network "burp", you could get gaps in your ISO...

I know it's a bad idea to run something like cdrecord across a network (buffer under-run will almost certainly occur), but have never tried mkisofs first... For safety sake, it would be a better idea to make an image, move it locally, and then burn.

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itu(1M) 						  System Administration Commands						   itu(1M)

itu - convert packages to Driver Update format and patch Solaris install media for Install Time Update SYNOPSIS
itu makedu -r solaris_release [-v] [-f] [-d output_dir] [-o iso_file] [-l iso_label] package [package...] itu patchmedia -R media_root [-v] [-f] [-o iso_file] [-l iso_label] pkg_or_patch [pkg_or_patch...] itu makeiso -o iso_file [-v] [-l iso_label] media_root DESCRIPTION
The itu utility converts driver packages to Driver Update (DU) format and patches a Solaris install media with driver packages and patches for Install Time Update (ITU). itu has three subcommands: makedu, patchmedia and makeiso. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -d output_dir Directory where the Driver Update directory is to be created. -f If output_dir/DU or iso_file already exists, remove it without asking first. -l iso_label Label/volume name of the ISO image (if -o option is specified). -o iso_file Path of the ISO image file to be created. For subcommands patchmedia and makeiso, it will be a bootable ISO image. This option must be specified for subcommand makeiso. -R media_root Top-level directory of on-disk image of Solaris installation media. This option must be specified for subcommand patchmedia. -r solaris_release Solaris release number for which the Driver Update is intended. It takes the form of the output of uname -r, for example, 5.10. This option must be specified for subcommand makedu. -v Verbose. Multiple -v options increase verbosity. SUB-COMMANDS The itu subcommands are described as follows. makedu The makedu subcommand takes one or more driver packages as input and converts them to DU format. At the beginning of an interactive Solaris installation session, these driver updates can be applied to the running kernel, which will then also automatically apply them to the newly installed Solaris at the end of the installation process. The -r option is required to specify the Solaris release number for which the driver updates apply. The solaris_release option argument takes the form uname -r output, for example, 5.10 or 5.11. If the -d option is specified, the resulting DU directory tree is placed in the directory output_dir. If the -o option is specified, a (non-bootable) ISO image of the DU directory tree is written in the file iso_file. This ISO image can be burned onto a CD/DVD using cdrw(1) or cdrecord(1) (not a SunOS man page). See the "Examples" section below for an example of creating a DU on a floppy. At least one of -d and -o option must be specified. If both are specified, then both an ISO image and a directory tree are generated. patchmedia The patchmedia subcommand takes a list of driver packages and patches as input and applies them to the miniroot of a Solaris install media. It also places them in a subdirectory called ITUs under the Solaris install media's top-level directory: media_root/ITUs When booting a system from the updated media, the patches and packages will be part of the booted Solaris image. They will also be applied to the target system being installed at the end of the installation process. The -R option must be entered on the command line to specify the Solaris install media. Note that the install media must be on a location that is writable by itu. If the -o option is specified, a bootable ISO image of the patched install media is also created in the file iso_file. The ISO image can then be burned onto a CD or DVD. makeiso The makeiso subcommand runs mkisofs(8) to create a bootable Solaris ISO image of the Solaris install media media_root and writes it to the file iso_file. The ISO image file can then be burned onto a CD or DVD with utilities such as cdrw(1) or cdrecord(1). (Note that mkisofs(8) and cdrecord(1) are not SunOS man pages.) Caution - The Solaris install media media-root must contain the file boot/grub/stage2_eltorito, which will be written to the media boot sectors. This file will be modified with some boot information, thus it has to be writable. If necessary, first save a copy, prior to running this subcommand. OPERANDS
The following operands are supported: package [package...] One or more driver packages. pkg_or_patch [pkg_or_patch...] One or more patches or packages. media_root The top-level directory of a Solaris install media. EXAMPLES
Example 1 Creating a DU CD/DVD The following commands create a Driver Update CD/DVD containing the packages SAMPLEpkg1 and SAMPLEpkg2. # itu makedu -r 5.10 -o my.iso SAMPLEpkg1 SAMPLEpkg2 # cdrw -i my.iso Example 2 Creating a DU Floppy The following commands create a Driver Update floppy containing the driver package MYdriver. # rmformat -F quick /dev/rdiskette # mkfs -F pcfs /dev/rdiskette # mount -F pcfs /dev/diskette /mnt # /usr/bin/itu makedu -r 5.10 -d /mnt /export/MYdriver # umount /mnt # dd if=/dev/rdiskette of=floppy.dd The itu command above creates the DU directly onto the floppy mounted on /mnt. The dd invocation stores an image of the floppy in the file floppy.dd. This is useful for distributing a DU floppy in file form. From the file, the floppy can then be recreated as follows: # dd if=floppy.dd of=/dev/rdiskette Example 3 Patching the Solaris Install Media The following command patches the Solaris install media in /export/s10u1 with patch /opt/patches/123456-07 and driver package /opt/pkgs/MYdriver. The command also creates a bootable ISO image with ISO label "MyS10U1" in the file /tmp/dvd.iso. # /usr/bin/itu patchmedia -R /export/s10u1 -o /tmp/dvd.iso -l MyS10U1 /opt/patches/123456-07 /opt/pkgs/MYdriver Example 4 Creating a Bootable ISO Image The following commands create the bootable ISO image mydvd.iso of the Solaris install image /export/solaris-10u1 with ISO label "Special- S10". # /usr/bin/itu makeiso -o mydvd.iso -l "Special-S10" /export/solaris-10u1 # cdrw -i mydvd.iso ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcsu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Committed | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
cdrw(1), patchadd(1M), pkgadd(1M), attributes(5) mkisofs(8), (/usr/share/man/man8/mkisofs.8), in the SUNWfsman package (not a SunOS man page) SunOS 5.11 25 Jul 2008 itu(1M)

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