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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers secondery IP Post 29106 by biker on Monday 30th of September 2002 10:19:24 AM
Old 09-30-2002

This mini-HOWTO should help you accomplish this task -

Good luck!

Systems/Network Administrator
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RHN_CHECK(8)							   Red Hat, Inc.						      RHN_CHECK(8)

rhn_check - Check for and execute queued actions on RHN. SYNOPSIS
rhn_check [options] DESCRIPTION
rhn_check is a client program that connects to Red Hat Network (or a Red Hat Network Satellite) and receives queued actions for this par- ticular system. After receiving the actions, rhn_check will then process them, and return the results to Red Hat Network. OPTIONS
-v, --verbose Increase the debugging output. --proxy=PROXY Specify an http proxy to use. --proxyUser=PROXYUSER Specify a username to use for an authenticated proxy. This option must be used in conjunction with proxyPassword. --proxyPassword=PROXYPASSWORD Specify a password to use for an authenticated proxy. This option must be used in conjunction with proxyUser. --version Show the program's version number and exit. -h, --help Show a help message and exit. FILES
/etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid The digital server ID for this machine if the system has been registered onto Red Hat Network. This file does not exist otherwise. /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date The common configuration file used by RHN client programs. SEE ALSO
rhn_register(8), rhnreg_ks(8), rhnsd(8), rhn-profile-sync(8), rhnplugin(8), up2date(5). AUTHORS
See the AUTHORS file included with this software. This manual page was written by James Bowes <> BUGS
Report bugs to <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 1999-2010 Red Hat, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. Linux 2010 August 30 RHN_CHECK(8)

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