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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers mget Post 28258 by auswipe on Monday 16th of September 2002 10:37:27 AM
Old 09-16-2002
You can also specify the -i flag when firing up the ftp client as well.

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mget question

Basically, I like to know how "mget" command work in terms of data/control channels and in terms of request-respond dialogue. Also, when I try the command as an example below, is it true than for each file to be transferred, there is a new connection establish? (ie. transferred one file,... (5 Replies)
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2. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

mget and mput...

hello, i was interested in knowing if you can mget or mput a sequence of files: example- say i have a dir with 1000 files with the same extension e.g. *.sgi, is there a way to mget only the last 200 files? i would assume that there is a flag i would use, or something like: mget... (14 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

mget command

Hi All, I am using mget (mget server.*) through ftp... ... i dont want to overwrite the files in my localmachine if it is already exists... is it possible through ftp ?? any other optios also mos t welcome Thnks in advance (4 Replies)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

mget new files only

Hi all, I am currently in the process of setting up an FTP server with limited knowledge :p. I have run into an issue that i need some help with. Basically i want to be able to download files off another remote server twice a day every day but i want to make sure it only downloads new... (1 Reply)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting


For the below mentioned code..Files are getting transferred from first mget statement alone ie from /home/Arun/*EF01/...Could someone help me regarding this ftp -vn <<EOD >$LOG open user lcd ascii mget /home/Arun/*EF01/GLHEC* mget /home/Arun/*EF03/GLHEC* mget... (3 Replies)
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MGET Problem

Hello friends.. I'm new here ate the forum. I came across with it when trying to find a solution for a problem I have and I hope you can help me. I'm an Abap programmer, and I have to make a program in ABAP to copy files from a server to the local computer defined path using FTP commands. ... (5 Replies)
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If then else in with mget command

Hi Friends, I need to use if then else logic with the mget command.I need to check if {JOURNAL_CODE}*_1_Audit*.txt exists then download it (using mget)and if not then leave it.Same for the {JOURNAL_CODE}*_2_Audit*.txt file.Can you please tell me how can i achive that? sftp -b -... (3 Replies)
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8. AIX

mget is stuck

Hi, below are the commands I use to get many gif files from /usr/local/images directory, the command just getting stuck at mget, nothing is moving cd /usr/local/images binary mget *.gif:wall: close quit (3 Replies)
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mget help

Hi I'm trying to get all files from a directory with a script. So i'm gone paste my script here: cd /var/www/match_demos/speedgaming/ lftp -u Gudfaren,xxxxx ftp.speedgaming.pro -e cd -e mget *.dem exit when i run that i get: "File name missed. Try `help mget' for more... (2 Replies)
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Strange mget problem

Hi! I'm a bit of a unix n00b so be gentle! I need to use ftp to download some files. I have the ftp running in a shell script which had been working perfectly last week. I downloaded around 400 files before it broke on friday. Now whenever I try to run the script, it starts to download... (3 Replies)
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ECACCESS-FILE-CHMOD(1p) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   ECACCESS-FILE-CHMOD(1p)

ecaccess-file-chmod - Change ECaccess File Mode Bits SYNOPSIS
ecaccess-file-chmod -version|-help|-manual ecaccess-file-chmod [-debug] mode ecaccess-file DESCRIPTION
Allow changing the ECaccess File Mode Bits of the given ecaccess-file according to mode, which is an octal number representing the bit pattern for the new mode bits. The ecaccess-file is in the form [domain:][/user-id/]path. Please read the "Shell commands -> File Management" section of the "ecaccess" guide for more information on the ECaccess File System. ARGUMENTS
mode Octal number representing the bit pattern for the new mode bits (e.g. 0600). ecaccess-file The name of the ECaccess File to change the File Mode Bits. OPTIONS
-version Display version number and exits. -help Print a brief help message and exits. -manual Prints the manual page and exits. -debug Display the SOAP messages exchanged. EXAMPLES
ecaccess-file-chmod 0700 ec:bin/a.out Change the File Mode Bits to Read and Write for owner and Read for everybody else on a File in the bin directory of the ECFS directory of the authenticated user. SEE ALSO
ecaccess-file-delete, ecaccess-file-get, ecaccess-file-mget, ecaccess-file-modtime, ecaccess-file-mput, ecaccess-file-rmdir, ecaccess-file- copy, ecaccess-file-dir, ecaccess-file-mdelete, ecaccess-file-mkdir, ecaccess-file-move, ecaccess-file-put, ecaccess-file-size and ecaccess. perl v5.14.2 2012-04-16 ECACCESS-FILE-CHMOD(1p)

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