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Top Forums Programming Does Telnet client library exist ? Post 28014 by aho on Wednesday 11th of September 2002 08:45:13 AM
Old 09-11-2002
Question Does Telnet client library exist ?


I'm new user in this forum, and i'm french ... so excuse me for my english Smilie

In fact, I've to manage several network equipments which can be only configured with the telnet protocol.

But using the standalone telnet tool, it's too long and hard. So I'd like to known if a Telnet client library or API will exist, providing a set of functions/methods in order to automate all my configuration steps ?

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,

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telnetrc(4)							   File Formats 						       telnetrc(4)

telnetrc - file for telnet default options DESCRIPTION
The .telnetrc file contains commands that are executed when a connection is established on a per-host basis. Each line in the file con- tains a host name, one or more spaces or tabs, and a telnet(1) command. The host name, DEFAULT, matches all hosts. Lines beginning with the pound sign (#) are interpreted as comments and therefore ignored. telnet(1) commands are case-insensitive to the contents of the .telnetrc file. The .telnetrc file is retrieved from each user's HOME directory. EXAMPLES
Example 1: A sample file. In the following example, a .telnetrc file executes the telnet(1) command, toggle: weirdhost toggle crmod # Always export $PRINTER DEFAULT environ export PRINTER The lines in this file indicate that the toggle argument crmod, whose default value is "off" (or FALSE), should be enabled when connecting to the system weirdhost. In addition, the value of the environment variable PRINTER should be exported to all systems. In this case, the DEFAULT keyword is used in place of the host name. FILES
$HOME/.telnetrc SEE ALSO
telnet(1), in.telnetd(1M), environ(5) SunOS 5.10 9 Jan 1998 telnetrc(4)

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