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Full Discussion: Proper Forum Etiquette
Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators Proper Forum Etiquette Post 27994 by Neo on Tuesday 10th of September 2002 07:32:33 PM
Old 09-10-2002
I think that lots of people ask homework related problems and we don't know it is homework..... so, we are fooling ourselves if we think that no one is getting help related to homework here. Some people are just a bit more clever at it.

This is a difficult issue and there a no easy answers..... so for now, let's just keep the no-homework rule.... and perhaps someday a college professor teaching UNIX will read these posts and give us their opinion ! Perhaps they will help moderate and set or change the rules ...... until then Smilie

I do agree that we should not be too heavy handed with students and to help guide them to success so they will enjoy the UNIX environment. Sometimes busy moderators, including myself, simply enforce the rules without taking the time to be a bit more gentle and encouraging.

To be honest, I don't claim to have the right or only answer with regard to the homework issue. My gut feeling is that simply posting homework to the board, getting answers and doing it again is not in the best interest of the student or the teacher.

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CGRULES.CONF(5) 						 libcgroup Manual						   CGRULES.CONF(5)

cgrules.conf - libcgroup configuration file DESCRIPTION
cgrules.conf configuration file is used by libcgroups to define control groups to which a process belongs. The file contains a list of rules which assign to a defined group/user a control group in a subsystem (or control groups in subsystems). Rules have two formats: <user> <controllers> <destination> <user>:<process name> <controllers> <destination> Where: user can be: - a user name - a group name with @group syntax - the wildcard '*', for any user or group - '%', which is equivalent to "ditto" (useful for multi-line rules where different cgroups need to be specified for various hierarchies for a single user) process name is optional and it can be: - a process name - a full command path of a process controllers can be: - comma separated controller names (no spaces) or - * (for all mounted controllers) destination can be: - path relative to the controller hierarchy (ex. pgrp1/gid1/uid1) - following strings called "templates" and will get expanded %u username, uid if name resolving fails %U uid %g group name, gid if name resolving fails %G gid %p process name, pid if name not available %P pid '' can be used to escape '%' First rule which matches the criteria will be executed. Any text starting with '#' is considered as a start of comment line and is ignored. If the destination contains template string, the control group can be created on-fly. In time when some process wants to use the template rule which leads to control group (see cgexec (1)) and the control group does not exist, the group is created. The template control group parameters can be specified in cgconfig.conf configuration file. See (cgconfig.conf (5)). If the template definition is not found there created group have default kernel setting. EXAMPLES
student devices /usergroup/students Student's processes in the 'devices' subsystem belong to the control group /usergroup/students. student:cp devices /usergroup/students/cp When student executes 'cp' command, the processes in the 'devices' subsystem belong to the control group /usergroup/students/cp. @admin * admingroup/ Processes started by anybody from admin group no matter in what subsystem belong to the control group admingroup/. peter cpu test1/ % memory test2/ The first line says Peter's task for cpu controller belongs to test1 control group. The second one says Peter's tasks for memory controller belong to test2/ control group. * * default/ All processes in any subsystem belong to the control group default/. Since the earliest matched rule is applied, it makes sense to have this line at the end of the list. It will put a task which was not mentioned in the previous rules to default/ control group. @students cpu,cpuacct students/%u Processes in cpu and cpuacct subsystems started by anybody from students group belong to group students/name. Where "name" is user name of owner of the process. FILES
/etc/cgrules.conf default libcgroup configuration file SEE ALSO
cgconfig.conf (5), cgclassify (1), cgred.conf (5) BUGS
Linux 2009-03-10 CGRULES.CONF(5)

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