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Full Discussion: Send/Rec files via modem..
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Send/Rec files via modem.. Post 27774 by RTM on Friday 6th of September 2002 01:05:34 PM
Old 09-06-2002
The first that comes to mind is Kermit .

I haven't used it in years but it was a great utility years ago and from what I saw on the web page (case studies) it looks even better than ever.

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IO::All::HTTP(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					IO::All::HTTP(3pm)

IO::All::LWP - Extends IO::All to HTTP URLs SYNOPSIS
use IO::All; $content < io(''); # GET webpage into scalar io('') > io('index.html'); # GET to file "hello " > io(''); # PUT webpage # two ways of getting a page with a password: $content < io(''); $content < io('')->user('me')->password('secret'); DESCRIPTION
This module extends IO::All for dealing with HTTP URLs. Note that you don't need to use it explicitly, as it is autoloaded by IO::All whenever it sees something that looks like an HTTP URL. The SYNOPSIS shows some simple typical examples, but there are many other interesting combinations with other IO::All features! For example, you can get an HTTP URL and write the content to a socket, or to an FTP URL, of to a DBM file. METHODS
This is a subclass of IO::All::LWP. The only new method is "http", which can be used to create a blank IO::All::HTTP object; or it can also take an HTTP URL as a parameter. Note that in most cases it is simpler just to call io(''), which calls the "http" method automatically. OPERATOR OVERLOADING
The same operators from IO::All may be used. < GETs an HTTP URL; > PUTs to an HTTP URL. SEE ALSO
Ivan Tubert-Brohman <> and Brian Ingerson <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2007. Ivan Tubert-Brohman and Brian Ingerson. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See <> perl v5.10.0 2007-03-29 IO::All::HTTP(3pm)

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