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Full Discussion: Proper Forum Etiquette
Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators Proper Forum Etiquette Post 27763 by Kelam_Magnus on Friday 6th of September 2002 12:13:35 PM
Old 09-06-2002
Let's be kinder and gentler with these posters...

yea, heaven forbid that any of us should actually meet each other and have a real conversation.

Also, I would like to see that my post helped someone out. I rarely see responses, but am grateful to those who do respond with gratitiude.

I must admit that I have cut back on telling folks not to post Homework questions or the "how do i fix it now questions".

I try to lead them down a path to the answer rather than giving them the cold "these are the site rules" answer. Even though I agree with Neo that no homework should ever be posted here.

If I help that person out now with a nibble and not the whole carrot, they may come back and contribute later on.

Just my 2k on these issues that irk us.

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QUIZ(6) 							 BSD Games Manual							   QUIZ(6)

quiz -- random knowledge tests SYNOPSIS
quiz [-t] [-i file] [question answer] DESCRIPTION
The quiz utility tests your knowledge of random facts. It has a database of subjects from which you can choose. With no arguments, quiz displays the list of available subjects. The options are as follows: -t Use tutorial mode, in which questions are repeated later if you didn't get them right the first time, and new questions are presented less frequently to help you learn the older ones. -i Specify an alternative index file. Subjects are divided into categories. You can pick any two categories from the same subject. quiz will ask questions from the first cate- gory and it expects answers from the second category. For example, the command ``quiz victim killer'' asks questions which are the names of victims, and expects you to answer with the cause of their untimely demise, whereas the command ``quiz killer victim'' works the other way around. If you get the answer wrong, quiz lets you try again. To see the right answer, enter a blank line. Index and Data File Syntax The index and data files have a similar syntax. Lines in them consist of several categories separated by colons. The categories are regular expressions formed using the following meta-characters: pat|pat alternative patterns {pat} optional pattern [pat] delimiters, as in pat[pat|pat]pat In an index file, each line represents a subject. The first category in each subject is the pathname of the data file for the subject. The remaining categories are regular expressions for the titles of each category in the subject. In data files, each line represents a question/answer set. Each category is the information for the question/answer for that category. The backslash character (``'') is used to quote syntactically significant characters, or at the end of a line to signify that a continuation line follows. If either a question or its answer is empty, quiz will refrain from asking it. FILES
/usr/share/games/bsdgames/quiz The default index and data files. BUGS
quiz is pretty cynical about certain subjects. BSD
May 31, 1993 BSD

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