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Full Discussion: Viruses in downloads/webs
Special Forums Cybersecurity Viruses in downloads/webs Post 27302 by kymberm on Thursday 29th of August 2002 04:31:28 PM
Old 08-29-2002
Data Viruses in downloads/webs

How secure are downloads from,, etc? Not talking about off the wall individual user sites, but sites like,, We've been inundated at work lately from viruses, and I want to make sure that for things like work related downloads, that those kind of sites are secure. Not talkig about downloading music files, movies, I mean things like gcc, gzip, etc off these main sites. Any feedback/opinion appreciated as to this question?

Thanks, kym
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::FILE=IO(0X103FE58)(8) User Contributed Perl Documentation IO::FILE=IO(0X103FE58)(8) NAME
send-uucp - Send Usenet articles via UUCP SYNOPSIS
send-uucp [SITE ...] DESCRIPTION
The send-uucp program processes batch files written by innd(8) to send Usenet articles to UUCP sites. It reads a configuration file to control how it behaves with various sites. Normally, it's run periodically out of cron to put together batches and send them to remote UUCP sites. OPTIONS
Any arguments provided to the program are interpreted as a list of sites specfied in for which batches should be generated. If no arguments are supplied then batches will be generated for all sites listed in that configuration file. CONFIGURATION
The sites to which articles are to be sent must be configured in the configuration file Each site is specified with a line of the form: site[:host] [compressor [maxsize [batchtime]]] site The news site name being configured. This must match a site name from newsfeeds(5). host The UUCP host name to which batches should be sent for this site. If omitted, the news site name will be used as the UUCP host name. compressor The compression method to use for batches. This should be one of compress, gzip or none. Arguments for the compression command may be specified by using "_" instead of spaces. For example, "gzip_-9". The default value is "compress". maxsize The maximum size of a single batch before compression. The default value is 500,000 bytes. batchtime A comma separated list of hours during which batches should be generated for a given site. When send-uucp runs, a site will only be processed if the current hour matches one of the hours in batchtime. The default is no limitation on when to generate batches. Fields are seperated by spaces and only the site name needs to be specified, with defaults being used for unspecified values. If the first character on a line is a "#" then the rest of the line is ignored. EXAMPLE
Here is an example configuration file: zoetermeer gzip 1048576 5,18,22 hoofddorp gzip 1048576 5,18,22 pa3ebv gzip 1048576 5,18,22 drinkel gzip 1048576 5,6,18,20,22,0,2 manhole compress 1048576 5,18,22 owl compress 1048576 able This defines seven UUCP sites. The first four use gzip compression and the last three use compress. The first six use a batch size of 1MB, and the last site (able) uses the default of 500,000 bytes. The zoetermeer, hoofddorp, pa3ebv, and manhole sites will only have batches generated for them during the hours of 05:00, 18:00, and 22:00, and the drinkel site will only have batches generated during those hours and 20:00, 00:00, and 02:00. There are no restrictions on when batches will be generated for owl or able. FILES
pathetc/ Configuration file specifying a list of sites to be processed. NOTES
The usual flags used for a UUCP feed in the newsfeeds file are "Tf,Wfb". SEE ALSO
innd(8), newsfeeds(5), uucp(8) AUTHOR
This program was originally written by Edvard Tuinder <> and then maintained and extended by Miquel van Smoorenburg <>. Marco d'Itri <> cleaned up the code for inclusion in INN. This manual page was written by Mark Brown <>. perl v5.14.2 2012-06-29 IO::FILE=IO(0X103FE58)(8)

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