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Full Discussion: Fatal error in disk
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Fatal error in disk Post 26472 by jav_v on Monday 19th of August 2002 12:20:35 PM
Old 08-19-2002
Error Fatal error in disk

I have a doubt with an error message, and i want to be sure if this is a normal situation or not.

Situation: I was formating and installing a SCSI 36Gb HD with UNIX SCO 5.05, the problem happens when is making the division and filesystem on disk 1, and the message error is "Exit value 139 Status Value -29952"
"Fatal error in diskinfo.c line 3525"
"Function DIAdJust Division: Cannot adjust division to fit in the usable space: Disk0"


My questions are: What is the recomended size of the divisions that i have to make?, The problem is the size of the HardDisk? or Maybe this HardDisk is not supported by UNIX SCO 5.05

example: this are the divisions that i made
boot -- 50 mb
swap -- 1Gb
root -- 1Gb
/u -- 22Gb
/u2 -- 10Gb

/a -- 20Gb
/a2 -- 14Gb

The error mesage appears in both disks

Any comment about this problem itīs gonna be very useful for us,
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diskinfo(1M)															      diskinfo(1M)

diskinfo - describe characteristics of a disk device SYNOPSIS
character_devicefile DESCRIPTION
The command determines whether the character special file named by character_devicefile is associated with a SCSI or floppy disk drive. If so, summarizes the disk's characteristics. The command displays information about the following characteristics of disk drives: Vendor name Manufacturer of the drive (SCSI only) Product ID Product identification number or ASCII name Type Floppy or SCSI classification for the device Disk Size of disk specified in bytes Sector Specified as bytes per sector Both the size of disk and bytes per sector represent formatted media. Options The command recognizes the following options: Return the size of the disk in 1024-byte sectors. Display a verbose summary of all of the information available from the device. For floppy drives, this option has no effect. SCSI disk devices return the following: Vendor and product ID Device type Size (in bytes and in logical blocks) Bytes per sector Revision level SCSI conformance level data DIAGNOSTICS
Most of the diagnostic messages from are self-explanatory. However, one diagnostic message deserves further clarification. If the command fails to access the lunpath corresponding to a given special file, it displays the following diagnostics data, which contains device iden- tification and capability information: device type 127 (unknown); device is inaccessible iso ecma ansi rmb dtq resv rdf WARNINGS
As of release 10.20 of HP-UX, certain IDE devices, CD-ROMs in particular, will respond to inquiries as if they were SCSI devices. There- fore, the text "SCSI describe" in the output of the command does not definitively mean that the disk is in fact a SCSI drive (especially in the case of CD-ROMs). Use to check which type of INTERFACE node, SCSI or IDE, the device's hardware path lies beneath, in order to defini- tively determine a drive's interface. DEPENDENCIES
General The command supports floppy and HP SCSI disk devices. SCSI Devices The SCSI specification provides for a wide variety of device-dependent formats. For non-HP devices, may be unable to interpret all of the data returned by the device. Refer to the drive operating manual accompanying the unit for more information. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
ioscan(1M), lsdev(1M), disktab(4), disk(7). diskinfo(1M)

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