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Full Discussion: Arguments too long????
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Arguments too long???? Post 26417 by hell666 on Saturday 17th of August 2002 10:06:04 AM
Old 08-17-2002
1.) Transfer each file, on file-by-file basis
2.) Transfer files in batches (mget 1* 2* 3*)

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C long long HP-UX

I have a program written in C on HP-UX 11i. The program is as below ... long long a; a = 12345678987654321; printf ("%lld",a); I compile the code using cc compiler on HP-UX using -Ae +DD32 option as i want it to create a 32-bit binary. But the... (1 Reply)
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2. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

"Arguments too long"

Hi everyone, I know this sounds stupid but on my Sun solaris machine I have csh script that finds all files 7 days older and then moves it to another area. The find works but the move I get "Arguments too long". I know that in c shell can not handel more 1706 arguments. Can anyone give... (2 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

arguments too long error

Hi, I am running a .csh shell and get this error. set dir=/u21/oradata/SDE/cass echo /u21/oradata/SDE/cass /u21/oradata/SDE/cass set compression=jpeg set bustab=CASS_ORTHO2005 set keyword=cnty_2005 set resampling=bilinear set image_list=/u21/oradata/SDE/cass/*.tif Arguments too long.... (0 Replies)
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

too many arguments?

i don't know what's wrong with the code, says too many arguments in the first two if statements. how to change it? thx. the file is like in this format: ;dfs;dfdsf;fsd ff dsf;dfdffdfd; -f2 should be only one word with no space, but could be like this 'n/a', '**ABC' while read line; do ... (1 Reply)
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grep with two arguments to arguments to surch for

Hello, is it possible to give grep two documents to surche for? like grep "test" /home/one.txt AND /home/two.txt ? thanks (1 Reply)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Too many arguments

hi I have this code a="a b c" set -- $a if ; then echo empty fi why is it line 3 reports "test: [: too many arguments"? :wall: Thanks! (4 Replies)
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For f in * -- too many arguments

Hi guys, I am trying to make a script that will archive all the folders (except NOARCHIVE folder) and then remove those folders: cd my_specific_folder; for f in *; do if ; then tar czf $f.tar.gz $f && rm -r $f; fi; done && echo "All the folders within my_specific_folder are... (3 Replies)
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How to avoid "Too many arguments" error, when passing a long String literal as input to a command?

Hi, I am using awk here. Inside an awk script, I have a variable which contains a very long XML data in string format (500kb). I want to pass this data (as argument) to curl command using system function. But getting Too many arguments error due to length of string data(payloadBlock). I... (4 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Too many arguments

because it gives me this error if? while read linea do #echo "Archivos Entrada: $linea" largo=`awk '{print length($linea)}'` echo "largo : $largo " if ; then #Here's the problem, I take this line and it works echo "a es igual a 1" fi... (3 Replies)
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SG_RDAC(8)							     SG3_UTILS								SG_RDAC(8)

sg_rdac - Display or Modify RDAC Redundant Controller Page SYNOPSIS
sg_rdac [-a] [-f=LUN] [-v] [-V] DEVICE DESCRIPTION
sg_rdac displays or modifies the RDAC controller settings via the Redundant Controller Page (0x2C). When modifying the settings it allows to transfer the ownership of individual drives to the controller the command was received on. OPTIONS
-a Transfer all (visible) devices -f=LUN Transfer the device identified by LUN. This command will only work if the controller supports 'Dual Active Mode' (aka active/active mode). -v be verbose -V print version string then exit EXIT STATUS
The exit status of sg_rdac is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise see the sg3_utils(8) man page. AUTHOR
Written by Hannes Reinecke <hare at suse dot com>, based on sg_emc_trespass. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Hannes Reinecke, Douglas Gilbert. This software is distributed under the GPL version 2. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUR- POSE. sg3_utils-1.23 January 2007 SG_RDAC(8)

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