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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Comparison of NTFS and SV or S5 Post 26392 by delboy14 on Friday 16th of August 2002 08:47:58 AM
Old 08-16-2002
Comparison of NTFS and SV or S5

Hi I am looking for articles comparing the UNIX Sv filesystem with NTFS, does anyone know where to find such articles, have them etc. thanks in advance

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NTFS-3G.PROBE(8)					      System Manager's Manual						  NTFS-3G.PROBE(8)

ntfs-3g.probe - Probe an NTFS volume mountability SYNOPSIS
ntfs-3g.probe <--readonly|--readwrite> volume DESCRIPTION
The ntfs-3g.probe utility tests a volume if it's NTFS mountable read-only or read-write, and exits with a status value accordingly. The volume can be a block device or image file. OPTIONS
Below is a summary of the options that ntfs-3g.probe accepts. -r, --readonly Test if the volume can be mounted read-only. -w, --readwrite Test if the volume can be mounted read-write. -h, --help Display help and exit. EXAMPLE
Test if /dev/sda1 can be mounted read-write: ntfs-3g.probe --readwrite /dev/sda1 EXIT CODES
The exit codes are as follows: 0 Volume is mountable. 11 Syntax error, command line parsing failed. 12 The volume doesn't have a valid NTFS. 13 Inconsistent NTFS, hardware or device driver fault, or unsetup SoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware. 14 The NTFS partition is hibernated. 15 The volume was not cleanly unmounted. 16 The volume is already exclusively opened and in use by a kernel driver or software. 17 Unsetup SoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware. 18 Unknown reason. 19 Not enough privilege to mount. 20 Out of memory. 21 Unclassified FUSE error. KNOWN ISSUES
Please see http://ntfs-3g.org/support.html for common questions and known issues. If you think you have found an undocumented problem in the latest release of the software then please send an email describing it in detail. You can contact the development team on the ntfs-3g-devel@lists.sf.net address. AUTHORS
ntfs-3g.probe was written by Szabolcs Szakacsits (szaka@ntfs-3g.org). THANKS
Alon Bar-Lev has integrated the utility into the NTFS-3G build process and tested it with Erik Larsson before the public release. SEE ALSO
ntfs-3g(8) ntfs-3g.probe 2010.3.6 January 2008 NTFS-3G.PROBE(8)

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