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Full Discussion: telnet problem
Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory telnet problem Post 25653 by killerserv on Friday 2nd of August 2002 05:09:55 AM
Old 08-02-2002
Pls only post in one forum, do not duplicate the post in diffrent threads.
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Having problem using Telnet!!!!

Good day to you all, Hope you must doing no I am not..I've trying to log on to my network from home...but it's not letting me...I am trying to use telnet but it's saying "connection to the host cannot to be established"????what is this...any good I have to... (2 Replies)
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2. IP Networking

telnet problem

Hello friends, The problem is that we have one SunOS5.7 server, while attempting telnet to that server following error is occured - login: fatal: open failed: Too many open files The login on console is possible. The inetd daemon is running. inetd.conf and services... (3 Replies)
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3. HP-UX

telnet problem, help

Hi, My network layout is: Pub LAN | freeBSD | Internal LAN | + telnet srv on HP-UX 10.x box + other services (http, pop3, smtp, ftp)... I've the following problem: Inside Internal LAN I can connect myself to HP-UX telnet but from Public LAN in some place is refusing me... (5 Replies)
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telnet problem

hi all, i have a problem in telnet.when i am using telnet to my new aix server it takes about 5min to open. can any one tell what i have to do.???? (5 Replies)
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5. Solaris

Telnet Problem Help

Dear All I have a Sun280R server when i telnet to this server from my Laptop i got error : Could connect to IP):port 23 closed I want to login to the server through its Db25 serial port but i used to connect to it from my laptop through USB to db9 then to Db25 so do... (1 Reply)
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6. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Telnet Problem

I have a problem where on one unix machine I can telnet all IP addresses in the host file with no connection problem and another machine has recently started to have trouble connecting with the same host IP's on just some IP addresses where it had no trouble before. Have any ideas?? (17 Replies)
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telnet problem

Hello everyone, I have got this following script to telnet to other UNIX boxes from one UNIX box and then run a script to count a certain paramater. The following line connects to the other box(es): (sleep 1; echo $username; sleep 1; echo $password ; sleep 1 ; echo y; sleep 1; echo "\r" ; sleep 1... (2 Replies)
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Webpage to Telnet via Perl and Expect: Telnet problem?

Somewhat long story: I have a simple Perl CGI script that uses Expect to Telnet to a device and grab some data, and then spits it back to Perl for display on the Webpage. This works for many devices I've tried, but one device just fails, it keeps rejecting the password on this device, only... (1 Reply)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

problem with Net::Telnet

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Net::Telnet (); my $t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10, Prompt => '/.*(#|>|\))\s*$/'); my $remote_host='home'; $t->open(Host => $remote_host, Port =>23); $t->login('root', 'pass'); the error that I get... (4 Replies)
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10. Linux

telnet problem

ok, i need to test a list of addresses via telnet and make sure that i get a response like the following: telnet anag.testboalo.com443 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. The thing is, for each address I telnet to, the telnet hangs in... (4 Replies)
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