"Directory updation Notification?"

Post #24968 by Marc Rochkind on Monday 22nd of July 2002 06:10:54 PM

I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "directory has been updated," but I'm pretty sure the answer is no. You would need a daemon (continuously-running background process) to check from time to time. This works OK if (1) performance is not critical and, (2) it's OK to have the notification delayed by a time interval up to X, where X is the period between the checks.
Marc Rochkind
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Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeraUser(Contributed Perl DocJifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration(3pm)

Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration - new comments made, but not published SYNOPSIS
To activate this notification, you must override the notification in your application. use strict; use warnings; package MyApp::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration; use base qw/ Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration /; sub setup { my $self = shift; # Limit to users that have a "moderator" column set to 1 my $users = MyApp::Model::UserCollection->new; $users->limit( column => 'moderator', value => 1 ); $self->to_list(@{ $users->items_array_ref }); $self->SUPER::setup(@_); } sub url { my $self = shift; return Jifty->config->framework('Web')->{'BaseURL'} . $self->parent->permalink . '#comment-'.$self->comment->id; } 1; DESCRIPTION
This notificaiton (when properly configured) is sent out to any who need to know when a comment has been created, but not published because Net::Akismet has marked it as spam. METHODS
setup This method sets up the notification. This method should be overridden to setup "to_list" in Jifty::Notification to select who will receive this message. See the "SYNOPSIS". comment This will contain the Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Model::Comment that has been published. parent This will contain the object that the comment has been attached to. url THis returns the URL that the message will link to. This should be overridden to provide application-specific URLs. The default implementation returns the BaseURL setting for the application. SEE ALSO
Jifty::Notification, Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentPublished AUTHOR
Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, "<hanenkamp@cpan.org>" COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2008 Boomer Consulting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This program is free software and may be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.12.4 2009-03-09 Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration(3pm)

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