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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Answers to Frequently Asked Questions How do I send email? Transfering unix file as an email attachment Post 248 by slivi on Wednesday 15th of November 2000 05:56:13 PM

I've written a a script which generates a report file, saved to a unix directory. I need to transfer it, via email, to some users. The command I'm using in my script is:
(note that subject & cur_address are set in the script prior to this line)

cat /u/sandyl/sm_o_commdt_archive/c | uuencode weekly_commiss.doc | mail -s ",subject,cur_address

The file gets emailed and attached correctly, but the problem is that the weekly_commiss.doc is 132 chars wide, so it wraps when I open it in Word. Even if I change the setup to landscape within Word, it still wraps some of the characters.

Is there any way in unix to either change the font size smaller, or some other formatting, such that when it gets emailed it will already be in the appropriate format for the user to receive it?

Thanks for your help.
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PDB(4)																	    PDB(4)

PDB - (Pilot Database) file format SYNOPSIS
#define dmDBNameLength 32/* 31 chars + 1 null terminator */ struct pdb_header { /* 78 bytes total */ char name[ dmDBNameLength ]; Word attributes; Word version; DWord create_time; DWord modify_time; DWord backup_time; DWord modificationNumber; DWord appInfoID; DWord sortInfoID; char type[4]; char creator[4]; DWord id_seed; DWord nextRecordList; Word numRecords; }; struct pdb_rec_header { /* 8 bytes total */ DWord offset; struct { int delete : 1; int dirty : 1; int busy : 1; int secret : 1; int category : 4; } attributes; char uniqueID[3]; } DESCRIPTION
The PDB (Pilot Database) file format is used by all models of the Palm Pilot and IBM Workpad. The format consists of a header followed by a set of record headers followed by the records themselves. Word Sizes In the SYNOPSIS above, the types ``Byte,'' ``Word,'' and ``DWord'' are used just as in the Pilot headers. The type ``Byte'' is 8 bits; ``Word'' is 16 bits; ``DWord'' is 32 bits. The latter two are in big-endian format. CAVEATS
1. The C structures given in the SYNOPSIS above are illustrative and most likely will not work in actual C code since compilers align data members on word boundaries. 2. The PDB file format presented here is not official and was written at the time when PDB file format was not public. It is possibly out- dated. The official standard is available on the Palm web page. (SEE ALSO) SEE ALSO
txt2pdbdoc(1), html2pdbtxt(1), pdbtxt2html(1), doc(4) Palm Computing Inc. Palm File Format Specification, 2000. AUTHOR
Paul J. Lucas <> Updated by Erik Schanze <> txt2pdbdoc August 20, 2005 PDB(4)

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