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are unix and linux compatible with OS/2
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IPCS(1) 						     Linux Programmer's Manual							   IPCS(1)

ipcs - provide information on ipc facilities SYNOPSIS
ipcs [-asmq] [-tclup] ipcs [-smq] -i id ipcs -h DESCRIPTION
ipcs provides information on the ipc facilities for which the calling process has read access. The -i option allows a specific resource id to be specified. Only information on this id will be printed. Resources may be specified as follows: -m shared memory segments -q message queues -s semaphore arrays -a all (this is the default) The output format may be specified as follows: -t time -p pid -c creator -l limits -u summary SEE ALSO
ipcrm(1), ipcmk(1) CONFORMING TO
The Linux ipcs utility is not fully compatible to the POSIX ipcs utility. The Linux version does not support the -b and -o options, but does support the -l and -u options not defined by POSIX. The portable application shall not use the -a, -b, -o, -l, and -u options. AUTHOR
krishna balasubramanian ( AVAILABILITY
The ipcs command is part of the util-linux package and is available from Linux 0.99 9 October 1993 IPCS(1)

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