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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Linux Processing Benchmarks ? Post 24598 by lcstephens on Monday 15th of July 2002 01:59:59 PM
Old 07-15-2002
Linux Processing Benchmarks ?

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know where to I could find published benchmarks for how a Linux box performs. It would be nice if I could find a comparison to the Windows OS.


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CHI::Benchmarks(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      CHI::Benchmarks(3pm)

CHI::Benchmarks - Benchmarks of CHI and non-CHI drivers VERSION
version 0.54 DESCRIPTION
These benchmarks were created by running etc/bench/ -d . -t 10 -x for CHI 0.42, on OS X v10.6.6, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Perl 5.12.2. For each cache, does repeated gets and sets of a data structure for at least 10 seconds and measures the wallclock time per operation. These numbers should just be used as a rough guideline! Actual results will vary widely depending on system, get/set pattern, actual values being set, the proper tuning of memcached/mysql, etc. For best results run the benchmark script (available in this distribution) on your own system. Cache Get time Set time Description cache_ref 0.009ms 0.008ms Cache::Ref (CART) chi_memory_raw 0.019ms 0.036ms CHI::Driver::MemoryRaw cache_fastmmap 0.022ms 0.040ms Cache::FastMmap chi_memory 0.042ms 0.066ms CHI::Driver::Memory chi_berkeleydb 0.052ms 0.073ms CHI::Driver::BerkeleyDB chi_fastmmap 0.057ms 0.087ms CHI::Driver::FastMmap cache_cache_memory 0.065ms 0.070ms Cache::MemoryCache cache_memcached_fast 0.097ms 0.131ms Cache::Memcached::Fast chi_dbi_sqlite 0.112ms 1.659ms CHI::Driver::DBI (sqlite) cache_memcached_lib 0.118ms 0.156ms Cache::Memcached::libmemcached chi_file 0.118ms 1.138ms CHI::Driver::File chi_memcached_fast 0.138ms 0.178ms CHI::Driver::Memcached::Fast chi_memcached_lib 0.151ms 0.202ms CHI::Driver::Memcached::libmemcached chi_dbi_mysql 0.236ms 0.273ms CHI::Driver::DBI (mysql) cache_memcached_std 0.238ms 0.180ms Cache::Memcached chi_memcached_std 0.279ms 0.235ms CHI::Driver::Memcached cache_cache_file 0.481ms 1.391ms Cache::FileCache SEE ALSO
This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Jonathan Swartz. This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-30 CHI::Benchmarks(3pm)

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