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Full Discussion: It does nothing
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting It does nothing Post 24431 by mewalter on Thursday 11th of July 2002 12:25:34 PM
Old 07-11-2002
Kevin Pryke

Do I have to write a script or type it as a command

my CD* files are in /u1/walter

I have tried runnin' it as ./ask (ASK been script name)

command line does not work and script cann't execute

source(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							 source(n)


source - Evaluate a file or resource as a Tcl script SYNOPSIS
source fileName source -encoding encodingName fileName | _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command takes the contents of the specified file or resource and passes it to the Tcl interpreter as a text script. The return value from source is the return value of the last command executed in the script. If an error occurs in evaluating the contents of the script then the source command will return that error. If a return command is invoked from within the script then the remainder of the file will be skipped and the source command will return normally with the result from the return command. The end-of-file character for files is "32" (^Z) for all platforms. The source command will read files up to this character. This restriction does not exist for the read or gets commands, allowing for files containing code and data segments (scripted documents). If you require a "^Z" in code for string comparison, you can use "32" or "u001a", which will be safely substituted by the Tcl interpreter into "^Z". The -encoding option is used to specify the encoding of the data stored in fileName. When the -encoding option is omitted, the system | encoding is assumed. EXAMPLE
Run the script in the file foo.tcl and then the script in the file bar.tcl: source foo.tcl source bar.tcl Alternatively: foreach scriptFile {foo.tcl bar.tcl} { source $scriptFile } SEE ALSO
file(n), cd(n), encoding(n), info(n) KEYWORDS
file, script Tcl source(n)

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