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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers delete files that are over 2 hours old Post 23860 by flounder on Monday 1st of July 2002 12:06:56 PM
Old 07-01-2002
I know the date command when formatted with give you the time.


phdb102 [ogd] >date +%H:%M

This is the using variables in a shell script:


the_hour=`date +"%H"`
the_min=`date +"%M"`
calc_time=`expr $the_hour - 2`
echo "The current time is $the_hour:$the_min"
echo "This is the calculated time $calc_time:$the_min"

The result:

phdb102 [ogd] >the_time.sh
The current time is 12:04
This is the calculated time 10:04

Knowing this I am not sure how to incorporate this into the find command. I will experiment and let you know what I come up with.

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GETLASTMOD(3)								 1							     GETLASTMOD(3)

getlastmod - Gets time of last page modification

int getlastmod (void ) DESCRIPTION
Gets the time of the last modification of the main script of execution. If you're interested in getting the last modification time of a different file, consider using filemtime(3). RETURN VALUES
Returns the time of the last modification of the current page. The value returned is a Unix timestamp, suitable for feeding to date(3). Returns FALSE on error. EXAMPLES
Example #1 getlastmod(3) example <?php // outputs e.g. 'Last modified: March 04 1998 20:43:59.' echo "Last modified: " . date ("F d Y H:i:s.", getlastmod()); ?> SEE ALSO
date(3), getmyuid(3), getmygid(3), get_current_user(3), getmyinode(3), getmypid(3), filemtime(3). PHP Documentation Group GETLASTMOD(3)

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