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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers copy syntax Post 23838 by tomapam on Monday 1st of July 2002 07:29:19 AM
Old 07-01-2002
copy syntax

How can i copy the whole content of a directory (containing FILES AND DIRECTORIES) in another...
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CP(1)							      General Commands Manual							     CP(1)

cp, cpdir - file copy SYNOPSIS
cp [-pifsmrRvx] file1 file2 cp [-pifsrRvx] file ... directory cpdir [-ifvx] file1 file2 OPTIONS
-p Preserve full mode, uid, gid and times -i Ask before removing existing file -f Forced remove existing file -s Make similar, copy some attributes -m Merge trees, disable the into-a-directory trick -r Copy directory trees with link structure, etc. intact -R Copy directory trees and treat special files as ordinary -v Display what cp is doing -x Do not cross device boundaries EXAMPLES
cp oldfile newfile # Copy oldfile to newfile cp -R dir1 dir2 # Copy a directory tree DESCRIPTION
Cp copies one file to another, or copies one or more files to a directory. Special files are normally opened and read, unless -r is used. -r also copies the link structure, something -R doesn't care about. The -s option differs from -p that it only copies the times if the target file already exists. A normal copy only copies the mode of the file, with the file creation mask applied. Set-uid bits are cleared if the owner cannot be set. (The -s flag does not patronize you by clearing bits. Alas -s and -r are nonstandard.) Cpdir is a convenient synonym for cp -psmr to make a precise copy of a directory tree. SEE ALSO
cat(1), mkdir(1), rmdir(1), ln(1), rm(1). CP(1)

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